Wearable 'Backpack PCs' Let You Experience High-End VR On The Go
An anonymous reader writes: Powerful virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require powerful PCs with beefy graphics cards to operate. That means youll usually be tethered to a PC tower in your home. Well, HP and
Amazon Built An Echo Simulator You Can Use In the Browser
Jordan Novet, writing for VentureBeat: Amazon today announced the availability of Echosim.io, a website that simulates the capabilities of the Amazon Echo speaker, which employs Amazons Alexa voice assistant technology. The thing about Alexa is that many people who dont
Someone In North Korea Is Hosting a Facebook Clone
Reporter Jason Koebler shares: Someone in North Korea appears to have created a Facebook clone, according to an internet analytics company that traced the sites DNS to the notoriously isolated country. The social network is an off-the-shelf Facebook clone called
All European Scientific Articles To Be Freely Accessible By 2020
An anonymous reader shares a report on EU2016: All scientific articles in Europe must be freely accessible as of 2020. EU member states want to achieve optimal reuse of research data. They are also looking into a European visa for
Hackers Claim to Have 427 Million Myspace Passwords
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, reporting for Motherboard: Theres an oft-repeated adage in the world of cybersecurity: There are two types of companies, those that have been hacked, and those that dont yet know they have been hacked. MySpace, the social media behemoth
North Korea Linked to the SWIFT Bank Hacks
North Korea could be behind the recent string of digital attacks on Asian banks, says Symantec. The cyber security firms notes that the attacks could be traced as far back as October 2015, two months prior to the earliest known
Gigabit Internet With No Data Caps May Be Coming To Rural America
Jon Brodkin, writing for Ars Technica: The Federal Communications Commission is making another $2.15 billion available for rural broadband projects, and its trying to direct at least some of that money toward building services with gigabit download speeds and unlimited
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Disney Store Twice Upon A Year Sale: Up to 80% off + free shipping w/ $75 - CNET
Disney Store Twice Upon A Year Sale: Up to 80% off
Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope w/ Charger for $399 + free shipping - CNET
Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope w/ Charger $399
Star Wars Items at GameStop from $1 + pickup at GameStop - CNET
Star Wars Items at GameStop from $1
The Last Guardian is definitely coming out this year, Sony dev says - CNET
Director Fumito Ueda said that the game, first announced in 2007, will finally see the light of day this year.
LEGO Duplo My First Cars and Trucks 36pc Set for $13 + pickup at Target - CNET
LEGO Duplo My First Cars and Trucks 36pc Set $13
Razer Turret review - CNET
Razer has created a great companion for couch-loving PC users, but the Turret is only so-so on the gaming front.
What I don't want to say about Overwatch - CNET
Commentary: Theres a lot of hype around Blizzards new team shooter, but dont fear -- I come not to bury Overwatch but to praise it.
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Evernote sees growth in Brazil
The note-taking app attracts 10 million users in the country and surpasses China and Europe
Three reasons why AI is taking off right now (and what you need to do about it)
Tech and economics are aligning so that machine intelligence can take off in a big way: heres why.
Three UK to trial ad-blocking network technology
Advertisers should bear the costs of data-heavy advertising, according to Three UK, which will trial ad blocking across its network next month.
​Uber attempts to fine Palaszczuk after drivers rack up AU$786k worth of penalties
The Australian chapter of ride-booking service Uber has launched a campaign to fine the Queensland premier after drivers accumulated almost AU$800,000 worth of infringements in the state.
Symantec pins Philippines bank attack on Bangladesh Bank heist group
Code similarities between two pieces of malware has led to security vendor Symantec saying the group responsible for the $81 million Bangladesh Bank heist hit a bank in the Philippines beforehand.
SAP set to reap from Asia Pacific's accelerated cloud adoption
SAP believes the Asia-Pacific region, in particular the Australian and New Zealand markets, will be key drivers for the companys cloud portfolio.
Telstra sends free modems to customers still affected by NBN ADSL outage
Free modems are being sent to the single-digit thousands of customers still affected by the NBN and ADSL outage caused by a DNS software failure, Telstra has said.
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iconWired Technology

A Trailer for the Hard-R X-Men: Apocalypse Fox Didn’t Make
Curious what an R-rated X-Men movie might look like? We made a parody trailer for that. The post A Trailer for the Hard-R X-Men: Apocalypse Fox Didnt
8 Wild Ideas That Debuted at the Indy 500, From Seat Belts to Mirrors
If you think the Indy 500 hasnt impacted your life, pump your brakes, buckle your seat belt, or look in your rearview mirror.
Review: Iris Smart Home Watering System
Dont want to install an underground irrigation system that talks to your phone? Try these low-cost connected gadgets. The post Review: Iris Smart Home Watering System appeared first on WIRED.
Terrapattern is Like a Search Engine for Satellite Imagery
Artists have created a tool that helps you uncover patterns found in satellite images The post Terrapattern is Like a Search Engine for Satellite Imagery appeared first on
5 Comics You Must Read Before Watching X-Men: Apocalypse
Theoretically, you could prepare for the new X-Men movie by watching the other flicks in the series, but for the readers out there, heres a pull list. The
Here’s What’s Inside Those Magical Stain-Erasing Pens
The chemists at Tide enlisted ingredients that attack different stains in different ways to build their To Go stain pen. The post Heres Whats Inside Those Magical Stain-Erasing Pens appeared
How the Textbook Industry Tries to Hook Your Prof
Textbook reps often stop by to promote a particular book. Here are my thoughts on physics textbooks in general. The post How the Textbook Industry Tries to Hook
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iconTom's Hardware

MSI Drops Five Graphics Cards Into The GTX 1080 Arena
Now that Nvidia has launched its Pascal graphics architecture, all of its board partners are scrambling to get new high-end GPUs out the door. MSI has a total of six of these cards to do battle against
Gigabyte Previews GTX 1080 G1 Gaming Card, Hints At Xtreme Gaming SKU
Today is Nvidia GTX 1080 day. The Founder’s Edition cards are now available, and Nvidia’s partners have been revealing their own GTX 1080. Gigabyte revealed its upcoming GTX 1080 G1 Gaming card, but we dont have many
Nvidia Releases Updated Driver Exclusively For GTX 1080
With Nvidia’s new flagship GPU hitting stores (and quickly selling out), the company released a new driver update exclusively for GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards.
EVGA Reveals New ACX Cooler, Precision X Software For The GTX 1080
EVGA revealed a brand new cooler that will debut with the company’s first overclocked GTX 1080 models. The ACX 3.0 cooler offers additional heatpipes and a more efficient heatsink design. The company also launched a new version
Geil Introduces Evo Froza DDR4 RAM Designed To Overclock
Geil announced a new line of enthusiast-oriented DDR4 memory modules that are designed to overclock.
Gigabyte Goes Thin And Light With Aero 14 Laptop
Gigabyte announced the launch of its ultra-thin and light gaming laptop, the Aero 14. The new notebook will be officially launched at Computex.
Wooting One Analog Keyboard Coming With Optical Flaretech Switches (Update: Fully Funded)
The Wooting One offers gradations of pressure on each key, as well as Flaretech optical switches.
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iconArs Technica

Op-ed: Oracle attorney says Google’s court victory might kill the GPL
Developers shouldnt celebrate Googles win in this hard-fought copyright case.
Donald Trump’s energy plan: everything but the pet unicorn
Well preserve our natural resources while extracting them as quickly as possible.
Verizon workers declare end to 44-day strike, claim “big gains”
During Verizon strike, replacement workers maintained fiber and copper networks.
Watch live: SpaceX takes another crack at launching, landing today
The company has addressed a tiny glitch with the Falcon 9s upper stage.
Illinois senator’s plan to weaken biometric privacy law put on hold
Attorneys say proposal was thanks to lobbyists hired by Facebook, Google, others.
Armed FBI agents raid home of researcher who found unsecured patent data
Prosecutors allegedly say he exceeded authorization in viewing unsecured FTP server.
Man takes drone out for maiden voyage, other man shoots at it
Reminder: shooting at drones, or any aircraft, is totes illegal.
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iconHard OCP

Health Providers Spill Patient Secrets On Yelp
If you write a negative review about a doctor or dentist on Yelp, you better watch out, they could respond by spilling your secrets on the internet. Who cares if they arent supposed to? Breaking the law, libelous statements and
North Korea Linked To Digital Attacks On Global Banks
What do they mean they think North Korea is behind a string of attempted cyber-bank robberies? How hard is it to find out? North Korea only has one internet connection in the whole country. In three recent attacks on banks,
Apple's Echo Rival Has Built-In Camera
Does anyone know why you would need a camera in one of these things? Maybe use it as home security or a nanny cam? Nah, that sounds too useful for Apple, the camera will probably be used to tell you
Founders Edition Early Adopters Paper Tax for 20 Minutes
May 27th is finally upon us and now we all understand NVIDIAs GeForce GTX 1080 Paper Launch. Low stock on the new GTX 1080 is the theme, but at least Newegg held true to the Founders Edition MSRP. And NVIDIA
Zalman Z9 NEO Review
The crew at techPowerUP published a review today of the Zalman Z9 NEO ATX case. The positives include five fans from the factory, the not-so-positive is that four of the five included fans have molex connectors instead of three pin.
Google Tracks The Most Misspelled Words By State
Other than getting a laugh at how many states cant spell diarrhea, I have no idea why Google keeps track of this kind of stuff. I can see spelling leprechaun wrong but who cant spell gray? The best one on
Gaming eadlines
Fractured Space Goes Free-to-Play @ Blues NewsGTA 5s Next Weekly Event Detailed @ GameSpotThe Witcher 3 Patch 1.20 Coming Soon @ Shacknews Total War: Warhammer Sells 500k Copies @ VG24/7
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Corsair Launches Dominator Platinum Memory Modules for ASUS ROG Systems
Corsair has introduced its new custom-built kit of Dominator Platinum memory modules, which are specifically designed for ASUS ROG motherboards. The new DDR4 modules contain an exclusive SPD profile, which is only available on select ASUS
Best Laptops: Q2 2016
The big consumer push for laptops is generally around the CES timeframe in January, but not all of those devices are available immediately. There have also been a couple of new models launched since January so
FSP Announces Twins: 500W and 700W ATX PSU with Redundancy Capability
FSP this week announced its new series of redundant PSUs called the 'Twins'. The new power supplies are compatible with standard ATX and PS2 tower chassis, but provide redundancy capabilities and can thus enable building non-stop
Zotac and EVGA Reveal Custom GeForce GTX 1080 Designs
A few weeks back we saw the announcement of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080. NVIDIA put the founders cards on sale first, with third-party cards set to be released later. As we approach the sale date of
Corsair's Bulldog PC Barebone for the Living Room is now Available: $299/$399
Many PC and chassis makers these days are trying to address console gamers with computers that are as small as game consoles and fit into the living room design-wise, but which are considerably more powerful and
Be Quiet! Introduces New Flagship Silent Base 900 Chassis
Be Quiet! has introduced its new flagship PC chassis, which combines the company’s expertise in building quiet PC components with extensive modularity and customization features. The be quiet! Dark Base 900-series PC cases will feature aluminum
Samsung Announces The Galaxy C5 and C7 For China
Today Samsung announced two new smartphones that are coming to the Chinese market. They're called the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7, and they kick off a new line of Samsung smartphones targeting the upper-mid segment of
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Millions Annoyed As Frontier Bungles Acquisition of Verizon Customers Across Three States
In February of last year, Frontier Communications announced it would be buying Verizons unwanted fiber (FiOS), DSL, and phone customers in Florida, Texas, and California for $10.5 billion. The deal was yet another chapter in Verizons effort to give up
The DMCA Should Not Be An All Purpose Tool For Taking Down Content; And It's Espeically Bad For(...)
Remember not too long ago when some internet dude was saying that the best way to deal with harassment on the internet was to basically create a DMCA for harassment, where people could issue takedowns? And remember how we pointed
News Site About Popcorn Time App Goes To Court To Get Back Seized Domain
Over and over again, were told that copyright is not about censorship, and yet time and time again we see how it is used to censor speech quite frequently. Back in March, we wrote about the somewhat horrifying bit of
Star Trek Fan Film Axanar Lawyers Tell Court About JJ Abrams Claims Of Paramount Dropping Suit,(...)
Over the weekend, the internet blew up over the story that Paramount and CBS were going to drop their silly lawsuit over a professional looking Star Trek fan film. The news was broken by the producer of the next official
Daily Deal: Limited Time Offer Scrivener
Back for a limited time only -- let Scrivener help unleash your inner novelist and manage your writing project. Available in the store for $22.50 for Mac or $20 for PC (select your preferred version in the drop down menu),
Senate Intelligence Committee Expands FBI NSL Powers With Secret Amendment To Secret Intelligen(...)
The annual intelligence authorization is under way, with the Senate deciding how much money the nations spy agencies will receive next year, along with anything else they can slip in while no ones looking. The entire discussion takes place behind
President Obama Threw A Cyberwar.... And No One Showed Up
Last spring, in the wake of the Sony hack, President Obama threw a cyberwar. And no one showed up.In April 2015, President Obama issued Executive Order 13694 declaring a national emergency to deal with the threat of hostile cyber activity
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