US Efforts To Regulate Encryption Have Been Flawed, Government Report Finds
An anonymous reader writes from a report via The Guardian: U.S. Republican congressional staff said in a report released Wednesday that previous efforts to regulate privacy technology were flawed and that lawmakers need to learn more about technology before trying
Congressman Wants Ransomware Attacks To Trigger Breach Notifications
Trailrunner7 quotes a report from On the Wire: A powerful California congressman is pushing the federal government to treat ransomware attacks on medical facilities as data breaches and require notifications of patients. The pressure is coming from Rep. Ted Lieu
2 Million-Person Terror Database Leaked Online
An anonymous reader writes from a report via The Stack: A 2014 version of the World-Check database containing more than 2.2 million records of people with suspected terrorist, organized crime, and corruption links has been leaked online. The World-Check database
Scientists Say The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Almost Wiped Us Out Too
HughPickens.com writes: Conventional wisdom states that mammalian diversity emerged from the ashes of the Cretaceous/Tertiary mass extinction event, ultimately giving rise to our own humble species. But Joshua A. Krisch writes at This Week that the asteroid that decimated the
DMCA Notices Remove 8,268 Projects On Github In 2015
An anonymous reader writes: Githubs transparency report for 2015 shows that the site received many DMCA notices that removed more than 8,200 projects. In 2015, we received significantly more takedown notices, and took down significantly more content, than we did
Google's 'FASTER' 9000km, 60Tbps Transpacific Fiber Optics Cable Completed
An anonymous reader writes from a report via 9to5Google: Google and an association of telecom providers have announced that the FASTER broadband cable system that links Japan and the United States is now complete. The system is the fastest of
FCC Says TV Airwaves Being Sold For Wireless Use Are Worth $86.4 Billion
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday the price of 126 MHz of television airwaves taken from broadcasters to be sold for wireless use in an ongoing auction is $86.4 billion.
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MetalDetector.com Big Summer Sale: Extra $5 off $50 + free shipping w/ $100 - CNET
MetalDetector.com Summer Sale: Extra $5 off $50
Batman Retro First Appearances Figure for $10 + $7 s&h - CNET
Batman Retro First Appearances Figure for $10
I taught my mom how to play Doom - CNET
CNET writer Danny Gallagher goes to Hell and back with his mother by showing her how to play the new bloody reboot of the classic first-person shooter.
Best Choice Products Super Sand Box Digger for $32 + free shipping - CNET
Best Choice Products Super Sand Box Digger $32
DBX Warp Speed 2-Person Towable Inner Tube for $75 + free shipping - CNET
DBX Warp Speed 2-Person Towable Inner Tube for $75
Xbox One vs. PS4: The post-E3 2016 scorecard - CNET
The annual gaming show has come and gone. And now we now know how the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will stack up against one another for the next 12 to 18 months.
Fisher-Price Store 4th of July Sale: Up to 70% off select toys + free shipping w/ $50 - CNET
Fisher-Price Store Sale: Up to 70% off select toys
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Android Trojan malware makes hackers $500,000
The irremovable Hummer is now the number one Trojan in the world, with over one million current victims.
Telstra experiencing business, enterprise network outage in Victoria
An outage affecting some enterprise and business customers in Victoria has been confirmed by Telstra a day after it committed to spending an additional AU$250 million on improving network resilience.
Ericsson establishes 7Gbps connection to moving vehicle using 5G prototype
Ericsson has said its 7Gbps mobile connection with a moving vehicle is essential to the establishment of 5G use cases including autonomous cars.
AWS introduces additional regions, worldwide delivery for SNS
AWS Simple Notification Service now can now be sent from six regions, deliverable to more than 200 countries.
Telstra pays AU$4.5m for Inabox's Hosted Collaboration Services
Telstra has acquired the Hosted Collaboration Services business, along with a contract to exclusively supply Cisco collaboration services to the Tasmanian government.
NBN HFC ready for service in Redcliffe
The HFC network in Redcliffe, Queensland, will provide download speeds of up to 100Mbps, with retail service providers now able to offer services to end users.
Australian peak mobile speed highest in APAC: Akamai
Due to a high percentage of the population having access to 4G LTE networks, Australia recorded the fastest peak mobile speed in APAC, at 147.6Mbps, but growth in broadband speeds remains slow.
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iconWired Technology

It’ll Be Really Hard to Test for Doping at the Rio Olympics
Now that Rios anti-doping lab is suspended, Olympics organizers might have to take athletes samples somewhere else. The post It’ll Be Really Hard to Test
If Y’all Keep This Up, Every Baby Will Be Named Rhett by 2020
I have noticed an increase in the use of Rhett as a name. This leads to the question: When will all children be named
VW’s $15B Diesel Apology Could Finally Push EVs Mainstream
Now that VWs sins have generated a huge windfall, Americas chances of accelerating away from driving on compressed dinosaurs are looking pretty good. The post VWs $15B Diesel
NASA’s Dawn Mission Is Over, Except Maybe Not
Though its official mission is complete, Dawn may even have a few firsts left under its belt. The post NASAs Dawn Mission Is Over, Except Maybe Not appeared first
Fitness Isn’t a Lifestyle Anymore. Sometimes It’s a Cult
November Project is more than a fitness program. Its a commitment. An identity. A cult. The post Fitness Isnt a Lifestyle Anymore. Sometimes Its a Cult appeared first
Google Just Plugged Into Japan With Its Own Undersea Cable
Google just plugged itself straight into Japan, turning on a giant Internet cable that stretches across the Pacific. The post Google Just Plugged Into Japan With Its
Cape Watch: Dying to See Suicide Squad? The Internet Is With You
Apparently, the next Warner Bros. comic book adaptation is the most buzzed-about movie of the year. Who knew? The post Cape Watch: Dying to See
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iconTom's Hardware

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Drops Days After Free Upgrade Period Ends
Microsoft is preparing the next major update for Windows 10, which will drop just after the free upgrade period for the OS expires. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will introduce several new features to Microsoft’s latest operating
CyberPowerPC Puts AMD's RX 480 And Nvidia's GTX 1080 In An AIO
CyberPowerPC unveiled its new Arcus AIO gaming PC line, which features GPU options such as AMD’s Radeon RX 480 and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080.
Autorooting Malware 'LevelDropper' Silently Installs Apps On Android Devices
Lookouts security researchers uncovered a new autorooting malware called LevelDropper on the Play Store that can silently install apps on users devices. The company already notified Google, which promptly banned the malware from the store.
UK Government Websites To Be Secured By HTTPS, HSTS, DMARC By October 2016
The UK government announced that all government services websites will have to use HTTPS encryption with HSTS pinning to ensure secure connections, as well as the DMARC protocol for email authentication to protect against phishing attacks.
SanDisk Bumps MicroSDXC Extreme, Ultra Cards Up To 256 GB
SanDisk unveiled its two new 256 GB MicroSDXC cards at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.
EKWB Outs MSI 10-Series Gaming X Water Block, Teases RX 480 Block
EK Water Blocks launched its full-cover water block for MSI’s GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 Gaming X 8G cards. The company also showed the first image and details of the forthcoming RX 480 full-cover block.
Modular Kailh Keyboard Switch Coming
Kailh dives into the modular keyboard switch game. Options, options, options.
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iconArs Technica

Facebook wins privacy case, can track any Belgian it wants
Doesnt matter if Internet users are logged into Facebook or not.
New study could explain why we remake certain movies over and over again
Unfortunately, there is no method for eliminating bad reboots.
HP Spectre 13 reviewed: Remarkably thin, but not light on power
Trying to out-svelte the svelte masters, HPs shiny notebook starts at $1,169.
Racing with royalty—Behind the scenes with Pikes Peak’s “King of the Mountain”
We embed with the team as it aims to be fastest overall at the events 100th anniversary.
Paris climate agreement plans don’t match Paris agreement goals
Paris Agreement aims for under 2°C warming, but we’re headed north of that.
New Lightning headphone dev kit another sign hinting at a jackless iPhone
Cirrus Logic kit offers native Lightning connectivity for headphones and headsets.
Most women shave their nether regions for hygiene; doctors facepalm
First nationally representative study reveals ladies’ grooming habits and motivations.
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iconHard OCP

As Expected, Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs
I dont want to say I told you so....but I told you so! I knew robots were going to start taking over everything. Sure, its only call center jobs today but you and I both know that this is where
ardware Round-Up II
Cases: CM MasterBox 5 @ Technology XCM MasterBox 5 @ APH NetworksCooling: Cryorig M9i Intel Cooler @ HardwareSlaveDeepCool Captain 240 EX A-I-O Cooler @ Guru3D ETC.: ROCCAT Ryos MK FX @ CowcotLandTt eSports Ventus X Gaming Mouse @ OCInsideMobile: Dell
WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review
If you need to haul around a terabyte or two of data every where you go, you should read this review of the WD My Passport Wireless Pro at Legit Reviews today. Apparently, in addition to all the cool stuff
Pirate Bay Co-Founder to Sue Record Labels For Defamation
If you are going to sue the record labels for damaging your good name, wouldnt you have to have a good name to start with? I can see this guy suing because maybe he wasnt properly served, didnt have control
Intel's Life-Changing Bionic Legs
Not only is this an all-around cool story, the tech being developed by Intel is extremely impressive as well. As technology advances and parts become smaller, cheaper and more readily available, I can easily see this becoming a viable option
Why So Paranoid Zuckerberg?
For some reason people have repeatedly sent me links to this Facebook post today showing Mark Zuckerberg celebrating the fact that 500 million people now use Instagram every month. Apparently what caught everyones attention is the fact that Zucks laptop
Must See Video of the Day
According to the Unity game engine website, Adam is a short film created with Unity and rendered in real time. The demo was built to showcase the graphical quality currently achievable with the Unity engine. Now all we need is
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Revisiting The OnePlus 3: sRGB, Memory Management, & More
Last week I published my review of the OnePlus 3. I reviewed the OnePlus 2 for AnandTech, and given that the OnePlus 2 had many problems it seemed appropriate that I should examine the improvements that
The Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Review: Mobile Xeon Workstation
It’s been almost a year now since Lenovo first announced the new P50 and P70 mobile workstations, which were 15-inch and 17-inch notebooks, respectively. The part of the announcement which likely caused the most buzz was that Intel was now
Samsung Introduces Carrier Unlocked Galaxy S7 In The US
One of the large complaints about the Galaxy S7 is that it is a carrier-locked device even when purchased without any sort of contract or payment plan. There are some exceptions, such as Samsung Experience Stores
Conexant Reveals CX20888: A New Chip for USB-C Headsets with Advanced Functionality
Conexant on Wednesday introduced its third CODEC for upcoming digital headsets using a USB Type-C interface. The new CX20888 chip is specifically tailored for headsets and supports a variety of advanced features, such as a headphone
Corsair Unveils Vengeance LED Modules: DDR4 Gets Lighting, 4333 MT/s Data-Rate
Corsair has introduced its Vengeance LED family of memory modules designed for enthusiasts of high-performance PCs and modders. The fresh range of Corsair’s memory combines new design featuring LED lighting with high capacities as well as
The AMD Radeon RX 480 Preview: Polaris Makes Its Mainstream Mark
Back in December of last year, AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group began slowly trickling out the plans for what would be their first GPU architecture built for the now-modern FinFET processes: Polaris. As part of a broader change in how GPU
Western Digital Rolls Out 256 GB SanDisk microSDXC Memory Cards
Coinciding with the Mobile World Congress at Shanghai, SanDisk owner Western Digital is introducing two new microSD memory cards that can store up to 256 GB of data. The new SanDisk-branded cards are designed for smartphones,
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Kickbacks And Legal Tricks Are Protecting Mega-ISPs From Apartment Broadband Competition
If you live in an apartment complex, theres still a pretty good chance youve only got the choice of one broadband provider, thanks in part to payola schemes between owners and ISPs preventing competitors from entering the building. The FCC
You'll Never Guess Which Portmanteau Everyone Is Suddenly Trying To Trademark
It had to happen. There was no avoiding it. Its quite common for individuals, and sometimes even businesses, to surf the wave of a popular news cycle and attempt to translate some story into a trademark to exploit. A good
TAFTA/TTIP Just Got Harder: Brexit Is 'A Midsummer Night's Nightmare' Says EU Trade Commissioner
After the dramatic and largely unexpected victory of the Brexit (Britain Exit) camp in the UK -- those who want the country to leave the European Union -- politicians around the world are trying to work out what the implications
DailyDirt: Fountains Of Youth...
Lab mice arent really a great model model for studying human health, but we use them anyway. And every so often, researchers stumble on drugs that seem to make lab mice live longer. Unfortunately, no one has found a reliable
Under Cable Lobbying Assault, FCC Commissioners Waffling On Cable Box Competition Plan
The cable industrys relentless lobbying assault on the FCCs plan to bring competition to the cable box appears to be working. As weve been covering, cable lobbyists have been filling editorial sections nationwide with all manner of misleading dreck, claiming
With The Brexit In The Bag, 'Vote Leave' Starts Vanishing Away Its Promises And Faulty Math
In the aftermath of what is generally considered to be a Bad Idea, the forces behind the UKs exit from the European Union has pulled up stakes on its website and shut the whole thing down. The problem is that
Texas Judge Indicted For Making Secret 10-Year Deal With Red Light Camera Company
The market for red light cameras obviously cant sustain itself, even with certain legislators drooling over the prospect of installing these revenue generators at every intersection.Part of the problem is the technology is still incredibly fallible. Cameras have issued tickets
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