Watch UK Inventor Colin Furze Survive a Fireworks Blast In a Metal Suit
Nervals Lobster writes Labor Day is nigh, and with it the official end of summer. Its time to pack away the umbrellas and beach towels, and perhaps spend a few minutes flipping through photos of all the fun times you
Hal Finney, PGP and Bitcoin Pioneer, Dies At 58
New submitter brokenin2 writes Hal Finney, the number two programmer for PGP and the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction, has passed away. From the article on Coindesk: Shortly after collaborating with Nakamoto on early bitcoin code in 2009,
Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome
darthcamaro (735685) writes Forget about HTML5, thats already passe — Google is already moving on to HTML5.1 support for the upcoming Chrome 38 release. Currently only a beta, one of the biggest things that web developers will notice is the
Anti-Ebola Drug ZMapp Makes Clean Sweep: 18 of 18 Monkeys Survive Infection
Scientific American reports, based on a study published today in Nature, that ZMapp, the drug that has been used to treat seven patients during the current Ebola epidemic in West Africa, can completely protect monkeys against the virus, research has
Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague
Foreign Policy has an in-depth look at the contents of a laptop reportedly seized this year in Syria from a stronghold of the organization now known as the Islamic State, and described as belonging to a Tunisian national (Muhammed S.).
Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?
An anonymous reader writes: Its the year 2014, and I still have a floppy drive installed on my computer. I dont know why; I dont own any floppy disks, and I havent used one in probably a decade. But every
Study: Social Networks Have Negative Effect On Individual Welfare
An anonymous reader writes: A study of 50,000 people in Italy has found the impact of social networking on individual welfare to be significantly negative. The researchers found that improvements in self-reported well-being occurred when online networking led to face-to-face
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Angry Birds maker Rovio taps new CEO for 2015
Mikael Hed will step down as chief executive at the end of the year, turning the reins over to Pekka Rantala.
New Nintendo 3DS models sport NFC and extra buttons
The updated 3DS devices, currently for Japan only, also feature a stronger CPU than existing models and are built to support custom covers.
Miegakure lets you use the 4th dimension to solve puzzles
An upcoming platform game lets you twist space to access two, three and four dimensions.
​Valve hit with legal action in Australia over misleading consumers
Valve will face Australias Federal Court over claims it misled customers about refunds and guarantees on Steam games.
How to get notified when BioShock for iOS has a price drop
Not keen to spend $15 on the mobile version of the desktop classic? Wait for it to go on sale. Heres how to keep tabs on BioShocks price.
'Doctor Who' set to officially become a blockhead
BBC teams up with Microsoft to bring Blocktor Who, a Doctor Who-themed Minecraft expansion to the Xbox 360 next month.
BioShock releases on iOS
2K Games critically acclaimed 2007 first-person shooter has launched for iPhone and iPad.
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Judge revives Microsoft Irish data search warrant
A federal judge has lifted a stay on his order that Microsoft comply with a US federal search warrant for data residing on Microsoft servers in Ireland.
California payroll: Another failure waiting to happen?
The State Controller’s Office is launching an assessment to recover its failed payroll project. This new project seems doomed even before it starts.
Intel finally releases Haswell-E Extreme Edition processors
The long-awaited refresh of its high-end chips includes the companys first eight-core desktop CPU, the $999 Core i7-5960X.
Words of caution: APIs are an emerging spaghetti patchwork
A call for service oriented architecture principles: Managed APIs are SOA done correctly.
With the iPhone 6 ready to launch, here's what it needs to succeed
Apples latest smartphone will be out the doors later this month. But for Apple to succeed it has to appeal to both consumers and business customers. Heres what it has to land with, in order to take off.
Vault: The Linux Foundation's new storage-focused tradeshow
The Foundation aims to bring together the world’s leading developers in filesystems and storage in the Linux kernel.
Hike milks secretive youth with nosy parents to pump up its user base
Hike is banking on its customized features for the Indian market to separate itself from the pack and become Indias most favourite messaging app.
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iconWired Technology

Gadget Lab Podcast: Can I Use My iPhone’s NFC to Pay for My Uber?
This week, Mat and Mike talk about the latest leaks out of Cupertino, the ongoing fight between Uber and Lyft, and the hot gadget on everyones holiday wish list, the Knee Defender.
Mathematical Predictions for the iPhone 6
Ok, this isn’t really math. Let’s instead call this a plain old model (you could argue it’s math if you like). Suppose I look at the historical progression of features on the previous iPhones. Could I use this to make
Game|Life Podcast: Nintendo Announcements, Nintendo Leaks
Did Nintendo announce that, or was it a leak? Rumors become facts on this weeks Game|Life podcast.
Eat-Commerce: How Technology and E-Commerce Are Redefining How We Eat
There’s little question that we live in an era that values time with an on-demand solution for nearly every need. While the desire for ultimate convenience isn’t entirely new in the food industry, it is just now becoming more seamless
Flying a Blimp Is Way Trickier Than You’d Expect
Despite their slow speeds, blimps are notoriously difficult to fly.
The War for Our Digital Future: Virtual Reality vs. Integral Reality
Like most people I spend much of the day digitally connected, gazing at screens that make my life and work more interesting and productive. Yet for all the positives that connectivity provides us there’s also a downside lurking in those
Switchboard Is Like Craigslist Without the Creeps and Flakes
Most startups want to grow as fast as they can. For many in the tech game, including as Paul Graham, the founder Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startup incubators, rapid growth is the very definition of a startup.
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iconTom's Hardware

Corsair Teams Up With Asus On DDR4; G.SKILL Breaks Record
A roundup of memory news.
Improved CryptoLocker Clone "Cryptowall" Has Locked Over Half A Million PCs, 5 Billion Files
The ransomware CryptoLocker was defeated, but its successor, CryptoWall, has already encrypted more PCs and files, and it should prove a lot harder to break.
Gigabyte Intros Eight X99 Motherboards
These eight new motherboards are based on Intels X99 chipset.
HTC Desire 820 May Switch Its Processor From Snapdragon 615 To The Lower-End Snapdragon 410
HTC may be replacing the mid-range Snapdragon 615 octa-core chip with a quad-core Snapdragon 410 inside its upcoming desire 820 device.
MSI Announces Five X99 Motherboards For Haswell-E
MSI has five X99 motherboads: two overclocking boards at two price points, two gaming boards at two price points, and a single standard-fare board.
EVGA Debuts Trio Of X99 Motherboards: Classified, FTW, Micro
EVGAs X99 lineup consists of the X99 Classified, X99 FTW and X99 Micro.
Alienware, Digital Storm, Maingear, Origin PC, Velocity Micro Do Haswell-E, X99
Heres what the boutique system builders are offering regarding the new Haswell-E launch.
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iconArs Technica

Samsung licenses HERE maps, still trying to escape the Google ecosystem
Samsung finally has a backup plan for the most important app in Googles arsenal.
Gencon: My journey into the heart of the nerd kingdom
Scenes from the worlds biggest—and nerdiest—gaming convention
Internet Archive posts millions of historic images to Flickr
Dating from 1500 to 1922, these images are now free and searchable.
Steve Jobs gets posthumous design patent on iconic NYC Apple store
Patent highlights new glass technology used in the iconic cubes 2011 rebuild.
Los Angeles cops do not need to hand over license plate reader data, judge finds
Judge rules that such disclosure could greatly harm a criminal investigation.
ALS Association drops ‘ice bucket challenge’ trademark app after complaints
Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral summer sensation, but ALSA didnt invent it.
Report: Next iPhone will use NFC for mobile wallet functionality
Matches information about conversations with payment processors, recent patents.
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iconHard OCP

ard|OCP Week in Reviews
Today is Friday and you know what that means! It is time once again for the ard|OCP Week in Reviews! For anyone that might have missed them, we like to take a quick look back on the hardware evaluations and
ardware Round-Up II
Cases: Corsair Graphite Series 380T @ VortezCorsair Graphite Series 380T @ Tech ReportETC.: Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition @ BmRIntel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition @ Legit ReviewsIntel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition @ VortezMotherboards: ASRock X99 WS @ ocaholicAsus X99-Deluxe Motherboard
PNY GeForce GTX 760 XLR8 OC Video Card Review
Today we have the PNY GTX 760 XLR8 OC video card from PNY. This video card features a notable factory overclock, and a dual-fan cooling system. We are comparing it with an AMD Radeon R9 280, equally priced at $250.
PNY GTX 750 Ti XLR8 OC Video Card Review
Today we take another look at the best value for 1080p gaming in the less than $200 category. We have the PNY GTX 750 Ti XLR8 OC video card, with an extremely high overclock. Well compare it to the ASUS
MSI Z97S SLI Plus LGA 1150 Motherboard Review
MSI once again brings us a solid, stable, and reliable motherboard with some great overclocking and positions it in the multi-GPU category. Usually when we see marketing moves like this we think of $200, $300, or even $400 motherboards. This
Computer Games Give A Boost To English
Researchers have discovered that computer games can help you develop a larger English vocabulary. And were not just talking about the cuss words either. If you want to make a mark in the world of computer games you had better
Scientist Tripping Senior Citizens On Purpose
I can just hear kids on career day saying I want to be a scientist so I can push old people down stairs.Researchers are tripping seniors on purpose, and its not some kind of warped practical joke. The experiment is
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PlayStation Plus September 2014 Games Preview
September is only a few days away, which means it is only a few days before the next round of games become available at no cost to PlayStation Plus members. Once again, two of the free
Nintendo Announces the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL
Earlier today Nintendo announced an updated version of its Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. It's been over 3 years since the launch of the original 3DS, and with Nintendo taking fire from gaming capable smartphones an update
Alienware Reveals New Area-51 Design
In what has to be one of the most unique designs ever, Alienware announced the revamped Area-51 model which features a triad-designed chassis. True to their name, Alienware has always had a desktop case that appeared
A Quick Look at the GS5 LTE-A Subpixel Layout
While it was easy to make an educated guess that the Galaxy S5 LTE-A Broadband had a PenTile subpixel layout to support the higher pixel density, I didn't get visual confirmation of this until now. While
GIGABYTE X99 Motherboard Launch: Eight Models from X99-UD3 to G1 WIFI and SOC Force
In previous generations, GIGABYTE has often been ambitious with the number of models it produces and supports. X99 is no different, so while the other manufacturers have four or five models coming through launch and September,
ASUS X99 Launch: Rampage V Extreme, X99-Deluxe, X99-A and X99-Pro
The launch today is one of the biggest in the last few years, with DRAM, CPU and Chipset all getting a refresh. Understandably ASUS is getting in on the action, and they sent over their PRs
ASRock on X99 Motherboards: WS, Extreme, Killer, OC Formula and mATX Inbound
It is safe to say that all the motherboard manufacturers have been ambitious for the X99 launch. While I recently gave kudos to one of the others for supporting eight motherboards at launch, it
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iconO'Reilly Network

Four short links: 29 August 2014
Inside Google’s Secret Drone Delivery Program (The Atlantic) — passed proof-of-concept in Western Australia, two years into development. Readings in Databases — A list of papers essential to understanding databases and building new data systems. (via Hacker News) Todd Park
Four short links: 28 August 2014
PlotDevice — A Python-based graphics language for designers, developers, and tinkerers. More in the easy-to-get-started + visual realm, like Processing. (via Andy Baio) Scumblr and Sketchy Search — Netflix open sourcing some scraping, screenshot, and workflow tools their security team
Four short links: 27 August 2014
Discourse turns 1.0 — community/forum software that doesn’t suck. Programmable Matter (IEEE Spectrum) — recap of where research is going in this area. Liquibase — source control for your database. Apache 2.0 licensed. A Few Useful Things to Know About
Four short links: 26 August 2014
The Poisoned NUL Byte, 2014 Edition (Project Zero) — from Google’s public security efforts, this detailed public description of how an exploit was constructed from a found vulnerability. They’re helping. Kudos! Myths About the Coming Robot Economy (Eric Sofge) —
Four short links: 25 August 2014
Greenscreen — Chromecast-based open source software for digital signs. Reverse Engineering Censorship in Chinese Cyberspace (PDF) — researchers create accounts and probe to see which things are blocked. Empirical transparency. USB Condom — A protective barrier between your device and
How Flash changes the design of database storage engines
Over the past decade, SSD drives (popularly known as Flash) have radically changed computing at both the consumer level — where USB sticks have effectively replaced CDs for transporting files — and the server level, where it offers a price/performance
Four short links: 22 August 2014
Blame the Crowd, Not the Camera (Nina Simon) — Cameras weaponize an already unwieldy mob of people. The Botlr — the Cupertino Starwood hotel has a robot butler (botlr) doing room service. tcpcrypt — opportunistic encryption of all network traffic.
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DailyDirt: Should Touch Typing Replace Cursive?
Kids today are bombarded with technology -- touchscreens, keyboards, Xbox controllers, and various gesture-based user interfaces are all competing against the lowly pencil and paper. Sure, finger painting and crayons are still all the rage with toddlers, but once kids
Shamed By Google's Email Security Transparency Report, Comcast Is Rushing To Better Encrypt Emails
Well, that was quick. Yesterday Google announced its new email security/encryption transparency report, which revealed that Comcast and Verizon were primary offenders, in not using TLS to encrypt emails, making them much more vulnerable to surveillance. And, in less than
Number Of Companies Using The Patent System Is 'Surprisingly Small'
One of the common mantras is that patents are indispensable, particularly for smaller companies, in order to prevent inventions being appropriated. If that is true, then presumably innovative companies are patenting like mad in order to protect their inventions. But
Entrepreneurs Explain How The End Of Net Neutrality Would Mean Their Startups Don't Exist
Most of the discussion on the fight around net neutrality has focused on the big broadband providers, and to a lesser extent, the big tech companies. Unfortunately, that leaves out who will almost certainly be most impacted by all of
Creepypasta Feels Compelled To State That Its Stories Are Fiction & It's Not A Satanic Cult; Th(...)
I wont say I told you so, but...you know what, screw it, I told you so. I told you the horror story out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, where two girls attacked a friend, nearly killing her, invoking the name of Slender
NSA Chief Defends Facial Recognition Database By Denying Claims That Weren't Made
James Clappers defense of leaked NSA programs have fallen into the strictly legal + oversight framework so often its become a cliche that can be ably wielded by lower level staffers. Occasionally, Clapper fires off something longer, like his defense
US Marshals Step In To Keep Florida Police Department's Stingray Documents Out Of The Hands Of (...)
The incredible wall of secrecy erected by law enforcement agencies around their use of stingray devices (cell tower spoofers) continues. Harris, the manufacturer of most of these devices, gets the secrecy ball rolling with non-disclosure agreements, which law enforcement agencies
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iconX-bit labs

AMD Has No Plans to Reconsider Recommended Prices of Radeon R9 Graphics Cards
AMD Will Not Lower Recommended Prices of Radeon R9 Graphics Solutions
Crucial MX100 Review: An SSD for the Masses
Crucial has dropped the price per gigabyte of SSD storage below the $0.5 mark and it is not a sale of old products. Were talking about a promising new model with high performance, excellent features and good reliability. Whats the
Samsung Begins to Produce 2.13GHz 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules
Samsung Uses TSV DRAMs for 64GB DDR4 RDIMMs
AMD Quietly Reveals Third Iteration of GCN Architecture with Tonga GPU
AMD Unleashes Radeon R9 285 Graphics Cards, Tonga Graphics Processor
Chinese Inspur to Sell Mission-Critical Servers with AMD Software, Power 8 Processors
IBM to Enter Chinese Big Data Market with the Help from Inspur
Former X-Bit Labs Editor Aims to Wed Tabletop Games with Mobile Platforms
Game Master Wants to Become a New World of Warcraft
Khronos Group to Follow DirectX 12 with Cross-Platform Low-Level API
Khronos Unveils Next-Generation OpenGL Initiative
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