Microsoft Brings Office Online To Chrome OS; Ars Reviews Windows Phone 8.1
SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes While we are still waiting for the official Windows 8.1 touch-enabled apps to get launched on the Windows Store, Microsoft went and decided that its time to finally bring the Office online apps to the Chrome Web
Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
CanHasDIY (1672858) writes In his yet-to-be-released book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, John Paul Stevens, who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court for 35 years, believes he has the key to stopping
All Packages Needed For FreedomBox Now In Debian
Eben Moglens FreedomBox concept (personal servers for everyone to enable private communication) is getting closer to being an easy-to-install reality: all packages needed for FreedomBox are now in Debians unstable branch, and should be migrating to testing in a week
Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"
theodp (442580) writes As Google Glass goes on sale to the general public, GeekWire reports that Bill Gates has already snagged one patent for detecting and responding to an intruding camera and has another in the works. The invention proposes
Mt. Gox Ordered Into Liquidation
An anonymous reader writes The Japanese edition of The Wall Streeet Journal reports that Mt. Gox has filed for liquidation under Japanese bankruptcy law (link to article in Japanese, U.S. version may be paywalled). The article cites a related party
Pollution In China Could Be Driving Freak Weather In US
Hugh Pickens DOT Com (2995471) writes Jonathan Kaiman reports at The Guardian that Chinas air pollution could be intensifying storms over the Pacific Ocean and altering weather patterns in North America leading to more ... warm air in the mid-Pacific
Student Records Kids Who Bully Him, Then Gets Threatened With Wiretapping Charges
An anonymous reader tips news of an incident in a Pennsylvania high school in which a student, Christian Stanfield, was being bullied on a regular basis. He used a tablet to make an audio recording of the bullies for the
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Ride a 'Tron'-style light cycle via Oculus Rift
The old-school video game is getting a next-generation update in the RiftCycles Project, thanks to Facebook-owned virtual-reality headset Oculus Rift and a particularly dedicated fan with a DIY streak.
Xbox boss: Microsoft won't sell us off
Thats the word from the newly installed head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who said that he believes the Xbox brand is the most relevant to consumers out of any Microsoft division.
Super Meow-rio: Real-life cat takes on Mario challenge
Some clever editing and special effects turn an average house cat into a Super Mario champion.
Reality check on Facebook's Oculus shift
Facebook says that its purchase of Oculus is a long bet on the future. And that wager on virtual reality is rooted in the actual reality of the social networks past and present.
Gamers play Tetris on the side of a skyscraper
The 29-story Cira Centre in Philadelphia plays host to what is believed to be the biggest display for the classic game ever.   
5-year-old finds Xbox security flaw, becomes Microsoft researcher
A boy works out how to get into his dads Xbox Live account without a password. Microsoft not only plugs the flaw but appoints Kristoffer Von Hassel as a security researcher. 
Xbox One external game storage 'coming soon'
Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, says its coming, but he hasnt yet been able to confirm when that might be.   
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Internet slowed by Heartbleed identity crisis
Millions of SSL certificates need to be revoked and reissued. The Internet and the PKI were not designed for this. Congestion will reign.
AMD demos next-gen x86 server APU running Fedora Linux
AMD Opteron X-Series APUs running Fedora Linux are an important development for companies looking to transition to x86 APU servers but who dont want to introduce new tools and software platforms into the IT environments.
IBM lands $500 million private cloud deal with The Hartford
The insurance giant will build its private cloud infrastructure on IBMs PureFlex System and use a bevy of services.
Infor aligns with PostgreSQL, aims at Oracle's heart
Infor aligns with Red Hat and EnterpriseDB to create an open source technology stack that aims to cut cost of ownership by with lower license and maintenance fees.
Toshiba's quartet of new laptops includes 4K Satellite P55t
A 17.3-inch desktop replacement is among the other notebooks announced. Prices start at $649.99 for the Best Buy exclusive 14-inch Satellite E45.
Guy Kawasaki takes evangelist job with Canva
Apple’s former chief evangelist has taken on the job of promoting Australian online graphic design platform startup, Canva, on the world stage.
Amazon Web Services eyes the desktop next
Amazon Web Services is huge and still growing - and its aiming at the desktop next.
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iconWired Technology

Inside the Galapagos Islands’ Giant Tortoise Rehab Effort
  You’re sailing from the Spice Islands across the open ocean to the South American port of Guayaquil, your financial motives rooted somewhere along a broad spectrum of morality and lawfulness. Several months have passed, and food stores and morale
Neuroscientists Conduct The Most Frustrating Brain Scanning Study Ever
Missing a bus is so much more frustrating if you’re late by a fraction of second, than by half an hour, even though the outcome is the same in both cases. It’s most frustrating of all if you first run
Is Captain America’s Shield a Capacitor?
I’m not the only one that has fun combining physics and comic books (or comic book movies). Check out this awesome post contemplating the physics of Captain America’s Shield by Matt Shipman (@ShipLives). You should read the article, but let
Beyond Fargo: 10 Movies That Would Make Great TV Shows
Now that FX has turned a Coen Brothers cult hit into a TV series with Fargo, here are a few other flicks that deserve their time on the small screen.
This Open Source Graffiti Drone Will Give Cops Nightmares
Katsu pilots the craft remotely, but every movement is translated through the machines need to keep itself aloft.
Cool Idea: Using Tiny 3-D Printed Parts to Hack Other Products
Though Muji served as a muse for this initial series, its ambition is much broader.
BlackBerry Just Had Its First Good Idea in Years
BlackBerry has had its fair share of missteps over the years, but investing in the health tech startup NantHealth isnt one of them.
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iconTom's Hardware

Microsoft Intros All-In-One Keyboard With Built-In Touchpad
Microsoft has a new all-in-one keyboard that includes a touchpad.
What Microsoft's Personal Plan for Office 365 Means for You
Heres another way to subscribe to Office 365.
Lenovo Intros Flexible New Flex 2 Line of Laptops
New Flex 2 laptops are expected to arrive in June.
Toshiba's 4K Laptop Gets US Price and Release Date
4K in your backpack.
EKWB's Gigabyte GTX 780 (Ti) WindForce 3X Water Block
EKWBs water block for the GTX 780 (Ti) WindForce 3X from Gigabyte has finally arrived.
Winners of the System Builder Marathon Q1 2014
Congrats to the winners!
Amazon Phone Pictures Leaked with Additional Specs
Expect Amazon to reveal its first smartphone in June.
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iconArs Technica

Google: Still no plans to bring Fiber to New York
Google is hiring a Fiber regional sales manager in NYC, but thats it.
Verizon led massive astroturf campaign to end NJ broadband obligation
Some Verizon supporters had no idea e-mails were sent on their behalf.
Halo, Destiny score composer “terminated” from Bungie
Marty ODonnell confirms his firing via Twitter; Bungie wishes him luck.
Is US biomedical research heading for a breakdown?
Senior researchers who helped build the system now think its unsustainable.
Microsoft brings a “data culture” to the Internet of Things
Azure Intelligent Systems Service designed to manage data from any device.
And the winner of the largest BitTorrent swarm ever goes to…
BitTorrent swarm of 193,000-plus pirates beats last years record of 171,000.
Introducing Steam Gauge: Ars reveals Steam’s most popular games
We sampled public data to estimate sales and gameplay info for every Steam game.
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iconHard OCP

ardware Round-Up
ETC.: CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse @ ThinkComputersCM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse @ ocaholicHumble Bundle: PC Review @ Overclockers ClubMotherboards: ASUS A88X-Pro Motherboard @ BmRPower Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W @ techPowerUP!Storage: How An SSD Works @ SSD Review
'Wearable Eyes' Make You Appear More Friendly
Yeah, these wearable eyes make you look totally friendly. Comments
Halo, Destiny Composer Marty O'Donnell Fired By Bungie
As talented as this guy is, Id imagine 323 Studios (or any other developer for that matter) would snatch him up in a heartbeat. Bungies composer Marty ODonnell, who wrote Halos iconic theme and had been working on the upcoming
Infants 'Unable To Use Toy Blocks' Due To iPad Addiction
Good job Apple, not only are you turning adults into mental midgets, now you are ruining our children too! Damn you Apple!Rising numbers of infants lack the motor skills needed to play with building blocks because of an addiction to
IRS Could Be Watching Your Social Media
I know the headline says could be watching but lets just go ahead and assume they already are and avoid the headache altogether. In its quest to find and audit tax dodgers, the IRS is said to use online activity
Cooler Master Glacer 240L AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review
All-In-One or AIO CPU coolers have become the go-to cooling system for many ers out there. A quality AIO setup offers its users what is usually a quick and simple liquid cooling solution that many find superior to air cooling
SilverStone PS10 Case
Aside from a few minor issues, it looks like the crew at PureOverclock really liked the SilverStone PS10 case they just reviewed. Are you in the market for a budget priced chassis that looks like you spent more? Introducing the
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Newegg Opens Business to the UK and Australia
As a consumer, more competition can be a good thing. Competition in manufacturing brings innovation and might help drive core pricing down, whereas competition in selling pits retailers against each other to see who will accept
MSI GT70 Review: GTX 880M Edition
MSI has had the same core designs for several of their high-end laptops for at least a couple years now; specifically we’re talking about the GT60 and GT70 series. There have been updates and tweaks to the internal components, but
Scaling Windows - The DPI Arms Race
For several years now, device manufacturers have been in a race to push the pixel density of devices – primarily mobile devices – higher and higher. The race began with the iPhone 4 “Retina” display, an at the time impressive
Ruckus Brings Cloud-based Management to Public Wi-Fi Networks
We have been expanding our coverage of wireless networking recently. In particular, there has been plenty of recent action in the enterprise Wi-Fi domain. One of the top requirements in this space is a robust and
AnandTech Live - Podcast Recording at 12:30PM ET on April 15
The past month has been pretty crazy around here with big releases from HTC, Samsung and just yesterday, Microsoft. I'm going to be wrapping all of it up in a live stream at 12:30PM ET. On
Windows Phone 8.1 Review
I was an early fan of Windows Phone 7. I remember completely switching over to the platform for about a month back in 2010, and being relatively happy. It wasn’t until I needed tethering support (which didn’t exist in the
Quantenna Announces Development of 10G Wi-Fi 802.11ac Chipset
At the beginning of 2012 Broadcom announced its first 802.11ac chipsets under the banner of 5G (5th generation) WiFi. Since then we've seen the latest high end notebooks adopt 802.11ac, as well as a handful of
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iconO'Reilly Network

#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans
Rod Smithof IBM and I had a call the other day to prepare for our onstage conversation at O’Reilly’s upcomingSolid Conference, and I was surprised to find how much we were in agreement about one idea: so many of the
Announcing BioCoder issue 3
We’re excited about the third issue ofBioCoder, O’Reilly’s newsletter about therevolution in biology and biotechnology. In the first article of our new issue, Ryan Bethencourt asks the question “What does Biotechnology Want?” Playing withKevin Kelly’s ideasabout how technological development drives
Four short links: 15 April 2014
Funders Punish Open Access Dodgers (Nature) — US’s NIH and UK’s Wellcome Trust are withholding funding from academics who haven’t released their data despite it being a condition of past funding. It’s open access’s grab twist and pull move. Digitize
Four short links: 14 April 2014
dategrep — print lines matching ranges of dates. Genius! Business Case Guidance in Agile Projects (gov.uk) — how the UK govt signs off on Agile projects, which normally governments have no clue over how to handle properly. Hyper Growth Done
Distributed science
In my post onbiohacking and bioterrorism, I briefly mentioned the possibility of vaccines and other treatments developed outside of institutional research. That may be far-fetched, and I certainly hope we’re never in a situation where DIY treatments are the only
Security and the Internet of stuff in your life
Your computer is important. It has access to your Amazon account, probably your bank, your tax returns, and maybe even your medical records. It’s scary when it gets pwnd, and it gets pwned regularly because it’s essentially impossible to fully
Leading by example: two stories
I was struck recently by two stories in the New York Times. The first, “Bishops Follow Pope’s Example: Opulence Is Out,” tells how bishop after bishop, either inspired by the Pope’s example or afraid of being shamed for not doing
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Recording Industry Wants To Have It Both Ways When It Comes To Pre-1972 Recordings
Yet another story of hypocrisy by the recording industry? Why yes, indeed. For years now, weve been covering the issue of pre-1972 sound recordings. When Congress wrote the 1909 Copyright Act, it did not cover sound recordings, because Congress didnt
Lavabit Loses Its Appeal For Mucking Up Basic Procedural Issues Early On
This wont come as a huge surprise, but Ladar Levison and Lavabit have now lost their appeal on whether or not they were in contempt for failing to compromise the security of every one of Lavabits customers in complying with
Find The Big Fib In The NSA's Lack Of Concern For Foreigners
Usually, the NSAs whoppers are so ham-fisted everyone knows them for falsehoods. And if theres any question, you can usually rely on the fact that when the agencys lips move, its stretching the truth so far that its as good
Los Angeles Law Enforcement Looking To Crowdsource Surveillance
The LAPD wants you, Joe Citizen, to help it out with its surveillance. It has enlisted the help of a crowdsourcing tool called LEEDIR to collect photos and recordings from everyday people who may have additional footage of natural disasters
First Phase Of Security Audit Finds Vulnerabilities But No Backdoors In TrueCrypt Encryption So(...)
In the wake of the serious Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL, more people are becoming aware of how widely used and important open source encryption tools are, and how their security is too often taken for granted. Some people were already
Google May Consider Giving A Boost To Encrypted Sites
Interesting report over at the WSJ noting that some at Google are considering if they should boost the search results for sites that are encrypted as an attempt to encourage more widespread use of encryption. I would be a bit
DailyDirt: Aircraft That Stay In The Sky For Days (Or Longer)
Most folks dont really like flying for more than a few hours at a time, so its not really a problem for a lot of people that most planes arent even capable of flights lasting longer than day. (Zeppelins can
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iconX-bit labs

MSI Z87-G45 GAMING LGA 1150 Mainboard Review: Let's Game!
This model uses a full set of Intel Z87 features. Besides, it provides additional set of MSI brand technologies. Theoretically it looks good, but lets take a look on practical work. How will it operate during nominal mode and overclocking?
Corsair Obsidian 250D and SilverStone Sugo SG05-450 Cases Review: Mini-ITX for Gamers
Today we take a look on two of mini-ITX cases which easily can be used to build performance gaming system. The first, Corsair Obsidian 250D has fully compatible with the usual desktop components and offers wide opportunities for expansion. The
Microsoft Vows to Release Xbox 360 Emulator for Xbox One
Microsoft Xbox One May Gain Compatibility with Xbox 360 Games
ASUS Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II Review: Cooler, Quieter, Faster
ASUS made the first original Radeon R9 290 videocard which eliminates all disadvantages of reference design. But people always want something more.
Microsoft Reveals Kinect for Windows v2 Hardware
Launch of New Kinect for Windows Approaches
Intel 730 Solid State Drive Review
Recently Intel has announced a new great PC-class SSD, which has a lot of anticipated features. There are own third generation controller and modern 20-nm MLC NAND. Is Intel 730 an enthusiast dream? Can this drive outperforms unexcelled Samsung 840
What is the best memory for Haswell? From DDR3-1333 to DDR3-2933: performance scaling test
The development of the new processor microarchitectures goes on and frequencies of contemporary types of DDR3 SDRAM grow as well. Is there any sense in using high-speed memory with modern Haswell processors? To answer this question, we have analyzed DDR3
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