New Study Says Governments Should Ditch Reliance On Biofuels
HughPickens.com writes The NYT reports on a new study from a prominent environmental think tank that concludes turning plant matter into liquid fuel or electricity is so inefficient that the approach is unlikely ever to supply a substantial fraction of
The Gap Between What The Public Thinks And What Scientists Know
First time accepted submitter burtosis writes Despite similar views about the overall place of science in America, the general public and scientists often see science-related issues through a different lens, according to a new pair of surveys by the Pew
UK Broadcaster Sky To Launch Mobile Service
An anonymous reader sends word that the British pay-TV company, Sky, will launch mobile services next year UK pay-TV firm Sky is launching a mobile phone service next year in partnership with O2s Spanish parent Telefonica. Sky will use Telefonica
Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS
An anonymous reader writes Microsoft today launched Outlook for Android and iOS. The former is available (in preview) for download now on Google Play and the latter will arrive on Apples App Store later today. The pitch is simple: Outlook
FDA Wants To Release Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In Florida
MikeChino writes In an attempt to curb outbreaks of two devastating tropical diseases in the Florida Keys, the FDA is proposing the release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the area. Scientists have bred male mosquitoes with virus gene
Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products
hackingbear writes Chinas State Administration of Industry and Commerce on Wednesday issued a scathing report against one of the countrys biggest stars, accusing e-commerce giant Alibaba of failing to do enough to prevent fake goods from being sold on its
Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen
An anonymous reader writes The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft plans to be a minority investor in a roughly $70 million round of equity financing for mobile startup Cyanogen Inc.. Neither company is commenting on the plan but last
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Get an Xbox One bundle for $296.09
In a deal that beats even Black Friday pricing, the console comes with two Assassins Creed games. There is, however, a rebate requirement.
Video game simulates the frustration of building IKEA furniture
Do you cringe every time you come home with one of those flat boxes from IKEA? A new game called Höme Improvisåtion lets you relive the frustration virtually.
Nintendo revenue tumbles, but profit remains
Cost-control practices enable Nintendo to turn a profit, despite revenue sliding 11.3 percent during last 9 months of 2014.
EA scores with shift to online play
Despite falling profits, EAs quarterly results should impress Wall Street as the company continues focusing its efforts on selling games over the Internet.
Nintendo Power's 'A Link to the Past' comic returning in May
Viz imprint Perfect Square has acquired the rights to collect and reprint the Shotaro Ishinomori manga serialised in Nintendo Power magazine.
The Lego Movie Video Game arrives for iOS
Everything is awesome in this mobile version of the console game.
Bethesda brings Elder Scrolls Online to PS4 and Xbox One
The Elder Scrolls Online is making the jump to next-generation consoles -- and its going to be free to play as well.
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​UK's privacy watchdog nails down Google privacy policy changes
The UKs data watchdog has closed its investigation into Googles consolidated privacy policy after agreeing key changes to make it simpler for consumers to understand.
​Sky signs mobile deal with O2 for 'quad-play' move
UK broadcaster and fixed line player Sky will launch a mobile service in 2016 off the back of Telefonicas infrastructure.
1Gbps broadband coming to the UK with BT's G.fast plan
BT has fired the starters gun on a pilot that could see ultrafast broadband available to most of the country in the next five years.
​Jolla takes second bite at crowdfunding with a 64GB Sailfish OS tablet
Jolla is taking a second crack at its Indiegogo campaign that crowdfunded its first tablet into existence.
Machine learning face-off: Microsoft uses Band to show what its Watson rival is capable of
Plug-and-play machine learning data models that can instantly analyze information and provide intelligent insights? Yep, Microsoft has em, it says.
NSW Police Force seeks 7-year data-retention scheme
Australian state and federal law-enforcement agencies have stressed that they are being pragmatic in accepting a two-year data-retention period and not being able to access web-browsing histories.
Global DDoS attacks increase 90 percent on last year
The increase of distributed denial-of-service attacks during Q4 2014 was driven by the rise of the Internet of Things, and the increasing exploitation of web vulnerabilities and botnet building.
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iconWired Technology

A Nissan Juke on Tank Treads Is as Glorious and Ridiculous as You’d Imagine
Built as a support vehicle for an ice-driving academy in Lapland, Finland, the Nissan Juke Nismo RSnow looks perfect for chasing down Yetis.
Journalists, Please Stop Being the Worst People at Sundance
All kinds of people turn out for Sundance every January, and they tend to stick together in packs. And one of those groups is really just the worst.
Review: Toshiba Chromebook 2
While its not perfect, the new Toshiba Chromebook 2 manages to do what other Chromebooks could not: deliver a really nice 13.3-inch 1080p screen while keeping the price reasonable. The post Review: Toshiba
The Freakish Tans and Surprising Friendships of Pro Bodybuilding
When you think of bodybuilding, certain images come to mind — shiny, rock-hard abs, too-small bathing suits, and lots and lots of flexing. Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek had
Absurd Creature of the Week: The World’s Tiniest, Most Adorable Snake Can Curl Up on a Quarter
If I learned anything from Honey I Shrunk the Kids, it’s that turning into a human that’s small enough to
The Smartest, Richest Companies Can’t Crack Mobile. The Future Belongs to Anyone Who Can
The smartest, richest tech companies in the world all posted their quarterly earnings this week, and if you had to draw one lesson
Revisit the Design Genius of Braun in the 1960s, With These Tribute Posters
These posters are a tribute to the groundbreaking work Braun commissioned for its packaging designs. The post Revisit the Design Genius of Braun in
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iconTom's Hardware

Is Alienware Working On A Gaming Tablet?
Expect additional news during the Game Developers Conference in March.
Saygus Announces $599 Price Tag For V2 Smartphone, Extends Pre-Order Window
Saygus announced a $599 price tag for the V2 smartphone and extended the pre-order registration deadline (and pre-order $549 price) to Monday, Feb. 2 until 11:59 p.m. MST.
FCC Bumps Baseline Broadband Definition To 25Mbps
The FCC voted to raise the minimum standard for what constitutes broadband Internet speeds to 25Mbps, up from 4Mbps.
Mediatek Launches 64-Bit Octo-Core Chip With Integrated LTE
Mediatek unveiled the MT6573, a 64-bit eight-core Cortex A53 chip with LTE.
'Battlefield Hardline' Open Beta Begins Next Month
If you can run Battlefield 4 on your desktop or laptop, then you shouldnt have any problems with Hardline.
ZTE Blade S6 4G LTE Comes With 8-Core Cortex A53, 1080p Screen For Only $250
ZTE launches the Blade S6 4G LTE smartphone for young people for only $250.
YouTube Transitioning To HTML5, Flash In Jeopardy
YouTube is transitioning to HTML5 by default over Flash. This will be a welcome change to some, and an annoyance to others.
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iconArs Technica

LibreOffice 4.4 brings better looks and OpenGL to your presentations
New release has redesigned toolbars, menus, rulers, and a new default theme on OS X.
Silk Road trial: How the Dread Pirate Roberts embraced violence
When redandwhite reached out, DPR was solicitious—in more ways than one.
DOJ inspector general: reporter’s hacking claims can’t be substantiated
Sharyl Attkissons allegations of government spying not backed by evidence, says report.
Amazon reports modest Q4 earnings and 2014 loss, but stock soars
Amazon Web Services skyrockets, Prime Membership shows strong growth too.
Collision avoidance predicts pedestrians’ behavior
A simple rule for a range of crowd behavior.
Data caps can’t be used to snuff out competition, Canada ruling says
Two carriers ordered to stop exempting their own TV services from caps.
New survey shows extent of scientists’ divide with the public
Other data points to sciences problems with post-secularists.
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iconHard OCP

Intel Aims To Transform Today's Workplace
Responding to the needs of a more mobile and distributed workforce, the 14 nm 5th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, featuring Intel® Pro Wireless Display and Intel® Wireless Docking technologies, along with security capabilities, will allow small, medium and large
Rosewill Capstone 750W Power Supply Review
Rosewills products were generally known as a Newegg House Brand by many of us for a long time. It now sells through a myriad of different e-tailers and retailers. While we have never felt Rosewill was top of the quality
ASUS GTX 980 STRIX DC II OC Video Card Review
Today we delve into the ASUS GTX 980 STRIX DC II OC, which features custom cooling, 0dB fans and high overclocking potential. Well experiment with this Maxwell GPU by overclocking it to the extreme. It will perform head to head
Assassin's Creed Unity Performance Video Card Review
Assassins Creed Unity is out, wrapped in a tortilla of bugs and garnished with graphical glitches, the fourth patch to this game has been released with some new beta drivers. We will look at performance and find out what it
Wikipedia Banning Editors Over Gamergate Controversy
Apparently Wikipedia is having a rough time keeping its editors from getting involved in all the Gamergate controversy so they had to dish out some bans. A group of trusted, long-term volunteer English Wikipedia editors (known as the Arbitration Committee)
Serious Vulnerability in Blackphone Exposed Messages, Location
I thought this phone was supposed to protect you from this kind of stuff. According to Mark Dowd, director and founder of Australia-based Azimuth Security, the vulnerability existed in Silent Text, the Blackphone messaging application developed by Silent Circle. The
ardware Round-Up II
Cooling: BeQuiet Pure Rock Heatsink @ FrostyTechETC.: Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse @ Modders Inc.MSI Nightblade PC @ ocaholicThe TR Podcast 169 @ Tech ReportMotherboards: G.Skill Ripjaws4 DDR4 2800 @ Technic3DVideo: Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 960 @ eTeknix
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PlayStation Plus February Games Preview
Sony today announced the upcoming games which will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers during the month of February. As has become the norm for Sony, there are two games for each platform (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Microsoft Releases Finished Versions Of Office For Android
In early 2014, Microsoft released their Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications for the iPad. Launching their Office suite on platforms other than Windows was something that they had seemed reluctant to do for many years, and so
GIGABYTE GB-BXi7H-5500 Broadwell BRIX Review
Over the last couple of years, the ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) has emerged as one of the bright spots in the troubled PC market. Intel's NUC and GIGABYTE's BRIX are the most popular lineups in this category. Intel's 14nm Broadwell
Intel Announces Broadwell vPro Processors: Wireless Docking and More
While Intel formally announced availability of Broadwell-U processors at CES this year, vendors did not actually have any devices available for purchase containing Intel vPro technology. Today that changes, as Intel states the HP Elite x2
Xbox Games With Gold February Preview
February is almost upon us, and with that, we can get a look at the upcoming games for the Xbox Games with Gold program, which provides free games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Unfortunately, owners of
Acer XB280HK 4K G-SYNC Monitor Review
When it comes to gaming, 4K displays present a conundrum (beyond 4K being used incorrectly, but I’ll still use it). On the one hand, all the extra pixels allow for far more detail. On the other, that is a lot
Testing USB 3.1: Some Preliminary Results with the MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK
Everyone wants more. Everyone wants more storage space, faster access, cheaper costs. It should have been here yesterday, but we are restrained at the current rate of development which sometimes moves in strides or sometimes does
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iconO'Reilly Network

Intoxicating machines
“Mr. Frankel, who started this program, began to suffer from the computer disease that anybody who works with computers now knows about,” Feynman later explained. “The trouble with computers is you play with them.” — George Dyson, describing the …
Commodity data analytics for health care
Analytics are expensive and labor intensive; we need them to be routine and ubiquitous. I complained earlier this year that analytics are hard for health care providers to muster because there’s a shortage of analysts and because every data-driven decision
Four short links: 21 October 2014
The Delusions of Big Data (IEEE) — When you have large amounts of data, your appetite for hypotheses tends to get even larger. And if it’s growing faster than the statistical strength of the data, then many of your inferences
Open data for open lands
President Obama’s well-publicized national open data policy (pdf) makes it clear that government data is a valuable public resource for which the government should be making efforts to maximize access and use. This policy was based on lessons from previous
Four short links: 20 October 2014
Fix Mac OS X — each time you start typing in Spotlight (to open an application or search for a file on your computer), your local search terms and location are sent to Apple and third parties (including Microsoft) under
Four short links: 17 February 2014
Time to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Everything (Gizmodo) — instructions for enabling 2fa on Google, Facebook, and other common consumer Internet services. (via BoingBoing) Project Naptha — automatically applies state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing
Use data or be data
Arguments from all sides have surrounded the question of whether or not everyone should learn to code. Trina Chiasson, co-founder and CEO of Infoactive, says learning to code changed her life for the better. “These days I don’t spend a
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DailyDirt: Should Touch Typing Replace Cursive?
Kids today are bombarded with technology -- touchscreens, keyboards, Xbox controllers, and various gesture-based user interfaces are all competing against the lowly pencil and paper. Sure, finger painting and crayons are still all the rage with toddlers, but once kids
Shamed By Google's Email Security Transparency Report, Comcast Is Rushing To Better Encrypt Emails
Well, that was quick. Yesterday Google announced its new email security/encryption transparency report, which revealed that Comcast and Verizon were primary offenders, in not using TLS to encrypt emails, making them much more vulnerable to surveillance. And, in less than
Number Of Companies Using The Patent System Is 'Surprisingly Small'
One of the common mantras is that patents are indispensable, particularly for smaller companies, in order to prevent inventions being appropriated. If that is true, then presumably innovative companies are patenting like mad in order to protect their inventions. But
Entrepreneurs Explain How The End Of Net Neutrality Would Mean Their Startups Don't Exist
Most of the discussion on the fight around net neutrality has focused on the big broadband providers, and to a lesser extent, the big tech companies. Unfortunately, that leaves out who will almost certainly be most impacted by all of
Creepypasta Feels Compelled To State That Its Stories Are Fiction & It's Not A Satanic Cult; Th(...)
I wont say I told you so, but...you know what, screw it, I told you so. I told you the horror story out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, where two girls attacked a friend, nearly killing her, invoking the name of Slender
NSA Chief Defends Facial Recognition Database By Denying Claims That Weren't Made
James Clappers defense of leaked NSA programs have fallen into the strictly legal + oversight framework so often its become a cliche that can be ably wielded by lower level staffers. Occasionally, Clapper fires off something longer, like his defense
US Marshals Step In To Keep Florida Police Department's Stingray Documents Out Of The Hands Of (...)
The incredible wall of secrecy erected by law enforcement agencies around their use of stingray devices (cell tower spoofers) continues. Harris, the manufacturer of most of these devices, gets the secrecy ball rolling with non-disclosure agreements, which law enforcement agencies
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iconX-bit labs

LG's Unique Ultra-Wide Curved 34" Display Finally Hits the Market
LG 34UC97 Available in the U.S. and the U.K.
Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition, Core i7-5930K and Core i7-5820K Processors Review
Some times ago Intel has announced the new generation CPUs for high performance and high sophisticated PCs. This is Haswell-E. Thanks to it a performance-hungry enthusiasts get the new processor microarchitecture, DDR4 support and eight cores in one chip. Also
Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Graphics Card Review
Our first look at Nvidias new flagship card featuring a Maxwell 2.0 GPU.
MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G Graphics Card Review
We have taken a look to one of a gamers dream graphics card based on new Nvidia Maxwell chip. And its unbelievable, but we cannot find any drawbacks in MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming. And now we will try to
Lisa Su Appointed as New CEO of Advanced Micro Devices
Rory Read Steps Down, Lisa Su Becomes New CEO of AMD
Nvidia Quadro K5200, K4200 and K2200 Professional Graphics Cards Review
Nvidia has updated its professional product line-up, promising more onboard memory and up to 40% more performance at the same prices and within the same TDP as before. We are going to test the new graphics cards in comparison with
Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Processors Review
The Devils Canyon processors unveiled this summer push the performance bar to a new level for the LGA1150 platform. Whats more, Intel says packaging optimizations make the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K a real treat for overclockers.
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