US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria
Taco Cowboy writes The United States of America has launched airstrikes, along with some of its Arab partners such as Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar, against ISIL targets in Syria. ... Before the airstrike was officially announced to
Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?
ourlovecanlastforeve writes: While reviewing a recent comparison of the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 6, OSNews staffer Thom Holwerda raises some relevant points regarding the importance of specs on newer smartphones. He observes that the iPhone 6, which is brand
Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle
sciencehabit writes: The power of anonymous comments — and the liability of those who make them — is at the heart of a possible legal battle embroiling PubPeer, an online forum launched in October 2012 for anonymous, postpublication peer review.
CIA Tested Primitive Chatbots For Interrogation In the 1980s
New submitter ted_pikul writes: Newly declassified documents reveal that, 30 years ago, the CIA pitted one of its own agents against an artificial intelligence interrogator in an attempt to see whether or not the technology would be useful. The documents,
DuckDuckGo Now Blocked In China
wabrandsma sends this news from Tech In Asia: Privacy-oriented search engine DuckDuckGo is now blocked in China. On Sunday DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg confirmed to Tech in Asia that the team has noticed the blockage in China on
US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal
FreedomFirstThenPeac writes: As a former Cold Warrior (both launch officer side and staff analytical mathematician side), I now appreciate the bitterness I saw in former WW2 warriors when they would see a Japanese car. According to the NY Times, a
Assembling a Micro-scale Biochemistry Lab Like Snapping LEGOs Together
An anonymous reader writes: Microfluidic systems promise to bring the same level of precision and control seen in the electronics industry to chemistry and the life sciences. Typically, devices are fabricated at substantial cost and using borrowed techniques from the
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15% off $50+ select baby toy purchase at Target
15% off $50+ select baby toy purchase
15% off $50+ select toy purchase at Target
15% off $50+ select toy purchase
DDoS brings down Destiny and CoD: Ghosts servers
The team responsible for last months attack on the PSN and Battle.net has claimed responsibility for server crashes on the two games.
Virtual reality is more than just video games for Palmer Luckey (Q&A)
The founder of Oculus and mind behind the modern VR movement is enthusiastic about his industrys burgeoning prospects, but sees challenges too.
Touch, hear, pal around in a virtual world: Oculus execs discuss the future
At firms first confab for developers wholl make games to run on its headset, execs discuss, among other things, the trickiness of the controllers thatll let players pick up and move objects.
Oculus closer to launch with new virtual reality headset
Crescent Bay prototype promises a better display and new sensors to track players movements while using the device.
Corsair Gaming Headsets
Take 30% off headsets like the Vengenance 2100 Wireless w/ Dolby 7.1, 50mm drivers for epic bass and noise cancelling mike so that teammates hear you and only you. Was $129.99.
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Cisco launches multi-vendor network modeling platform
According to the company, its modeling platform will allow what if scenarios for everything from IPv6 implementations, cyberattacks, virtualization and the Internet of things.
Eight questions to ask before you buy your next smartphone
Wireless providers in the United States make it easy to pay more than you should for a smartphone and an accompanying data plan. Here are eight questions you can ask (and answer) to make sure you get the best possible
Big data: Still dogged by security fears but Europe's catching up
The right to be forgotten and EU regulations have hardly helped the big-data cause in western Europe but the technology is still managing to gain ground.
iOS 8 uptake hits 46 percent after four days
Despite slower iOS 8 adoption on day one, Apples new OS is on track on match iOS 7s roll out.
Why an aversion to risk is the biggest constraint on IT
More than half of CIOs see innovation as a key priority, but they also feel that CEOs are so risk-averse they are unable to get the money to fund the innovation, according to this years global CIO Survey from Deloitte.
Consumerization of healthcare: why the hearing aid market might be the next to feel disruption
With the extreme costs and unhelpful insurance companies, patients are taking matters into their own hands. For many patients, a new crop of small, highly sophisticated Bluetooth headsets might be a game changer.
Heroku intros new developer tools for building customer cloud apps
Salesforce.com is tying up more more ends between its different developer platforms ahead of Dreamforce in a few weeks.
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iconWired Technology

Chimpanzees Raised By Humans Have Social Difficulties with Other Chimps
About ten years ago, Stephen Ross began getting more and more calls from chimpanzee owners who wanted to get rid of their pets. Ross is the director
The Magic of the Vernal Equinox
Here is a short story, in the style of Dr. Seuss. “Hip hip Hooray!” yelled young Timmy on that crisp autumn day. His Mom replied“Why such jubilation and celebration so joyous?”
‘Big Bang Signal’ Could All Be Dust
There was little need, before, to know exactly how much dust peppers outer space, far from the plane of the Milky Way. Scientists understood that the dimly radiating grains aligned
From Shoes to Bags, This Is the Season’s Coolest Commuter Bike Gear
This season, there’s a whole slew of cool commuter gear to look forward to. We’ve been keeping an eye on the announcements and heres what
Samsung Woos Action Photogs With a Blazing-Fast Mirrorless Camera
Samsung’s new NX1 is perhaps the most powerful midrange DSLR-style camera on the market. This is a mirrorless camera has an absurdly high-resolution 28.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and an
Ex-Tesla and NASA Engineers Make a Light Bulb That’s Smarter Than You
The Alba bulbs are designed to work autonomously, both by adjusting light output based on sunlight and by learning and adapting to its owners household
Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design
We have figured out the rules of creating sleek sophistication. We know, more or less, how to get it right. Now, we need a shift in perspective that
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iconTom's Hardware

Project Morpheus Almost Complete
Project Morpheus is 85 percent complete.
AOC Intros New Monitor With Nvidia G-SYNC
Heres another display that uses Nvidias G-SYNC technology.
PlayStation TV Dated For Mid-October
Sonys set-top-box arrives next month.
Report: HTC Will Make The Nexus 9
WSJ sources confirm that the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet will be made by HTC.
AMS Intros Development Kit for NFC
Now OEMs do not need to develop proprietary software for their NFC apps.
More Impressive Tech From Qualcomm Uplinq 2014
With the Internet of Things, Qualcomm sees great potential powering growth in both the abundance and intelligence of devices at the network edge.
Corsair's K95, K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Now Available
Corsair kicks off its Corsair Gaming brand with the RGB keyboards, mice, and two gaming headsets.
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iconArs Technica

Feds label Bitcoin miner maker Butterfly Labs as “systematic deception”
In new civil suit, FTC alleges BFL spent millions on massages, guns, and more.
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: In deep with Apple’s thinnest phones
Apple finally brings the big-screen love—with some strings attached.
Gravity wave evidence disappears into dust
There may still be evidence of cosmic inflation, but it will be hard to spot.
Google will stop supporting climate change science deniers, calls them liars
Controversial group also opposes net neutrality and municipal broadband.
Reports say Apple may bring changes to Beats Music streaming service
Beats Music may live on in iTunes, but Apple may not let it stand alone.
Google stops malicious advertising campaign that could have reached millions
Latest bit of malvertising targeted a popular ad platform distributed by Google.
PSA: PlayStation TV launching October 14 in US for $99
$139 bundle adds a controller, memory, and game. Its Vita gaming on TV—with caveats.
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iconHard OCP

Introducing A Keg Robot On Wheels
If we are all going to die at the hands of robots, please let it be this one. Introducing R2BeerMe –named after the Star Wars bot that helped save the galaxy. Its creator Charlie Wolff said he was inspired to
Destiny Patch Addresses Raid Issues, Reduces Difficulty
There is a patch out for Destiny today. It looks like it addresses some raid issues and difficulty levels but, as far as I can tell, the network issues still are not fixed. The good news, the loot cave still
Apple Fixes Numerous Vulnerabilities
We all know it isnt possible for Macs to get a virus or be exploited so these updates must be just a precautionary measure. Apple has released updates for several of its products and, in addition to new features and
Steam Announces A Discovery Update
If you are a Steam user, you should probably head on over to the Steam website and see what Valve has been working on. If you are not a Steam user, you should be. Discover your next favorite game. The
Corsair Unleashes Gaming RGB Keyboards, RGB Mice, and Headsets
Corsair®, a leader in PC hardware, today launched Corsair Gaming, a new division within the company dedicated to the elevation of PC gaming and the development of high-performance PC peripherals. Forged from Corsairs engineering know-how and developed alongside eSports professionals
ASUS ROG GTX 780 Ti MATRIX Platinum Video Card Review
In todays evaluation we are breaking down the ASUS ROG GTX 780 Ti MATRIX Platinum video card. We put this head-to-head with the ASUS ROG R9 290X MATRIX Platinum. Which provides a better gaming experience, best overclocking performance, and power
Sapphire R9 285 Dual-X OC
The crew at ThinkComputers had a ot of nice stuff to say about the Sapphire R9 285 Dual-X OC they just reviewed. AMD recently announced their Radeon R9 285 graphics card, this was their first major graphics card announcement since
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Synology Launches Rangeley-based DS415+, DSM 5.1 Beta Goes Live
Synology has been relatively quiet over the last couple of months (barring the responses to various security issues), but, today, they are coming out with a couple of expected announcements. Seagate has the bragging rights for
HTC Reportedly Manufacturing Google's Nexus 9 Tablet
WSJ.D reports today that Google's upcoming Nexus 9 tablet will be manufactured by HTC. The last HTC tablet was the Flyer back in 2011, so the Nexus 9 marks the end of HTC's three year hiatus
DisplayPort Alternate Mode for USB Type-C Announced - Video, Power, & Data All Over Type-C
Earlier this month the USB Implementers Forum announced the new USB Power Delivery 2.0 specification. Long awaited, the Power Deliver 2.0 specification defined new standards for power delivery to allow Type-C USB ports to supply devices
Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review
Today is the dawn of a new era for Corsair, as the company has multiple announcments. Corsair is establishing their own gaming brand, announcing the availability of the new RGB keyboards and mice, and they're also releasing a new software
MediaTek Labs and LinkIt Platform Launch Targeting IoT and Wearables
Companies such as Motorola, Apple, Nest, and Fitbit have been targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables market with devices for the past several years. However, if the smartphone revolution was any indication, we are
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Preliminary Results
While we’re still working on the full review, I want to get out some preliminary results for the iPhone 6. For now, this means some basic performance data and battery life, which include browser benchmarks, game-type benchmarks, and our standard
NVIDIA 344.11 Drivers Available
In the crazy rush to wrap up the GeForce GTX 980 review in time for the NDA lift yesterday, news of the first R343 driver release may have been lost in the shuffle. This is a
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iconO'Reilly Network

Inside Solid: who will build the god platform for the Internet of Things?
Everyone’s racing to buildthe “god platform” for the Internet of Things: the highest, most generalized layer of intelligence and user interface that ties together connected devices and web services. It’s tempting to look for analogy in mobile phone platforms, where
Four short links: 23 September 2014
Thoughts on the Alibaba Bubble — Alibaba is an offering that encourages the kind of negative Wall Street behavior none of us really want to see happen again. (via Tim O’Reilly) Reactive Manifesto — We believe that a coherent approach
Four short links: 22 September 2014
Significance of Javascript For OS X Scripting — not just for shell scripting-type automation, now you can build Cocoa applications with Javascript. This is huge. keybase.io — social media as trust vector. I Banned E-Mail At My Company — Email
Multipeer Connectivity on iOS 8 with Swift
Multipeer Connectivity is a means of identifying and connecting services together, and allows for very easy passing back and forth of data with minimal setup. If you are thinking that this seems similar to Bonjour, you are correct; however, Bonjour
Four short links: 19 September 2014
Deep Learning Bibliography — an annotated bibliography of recent publications (2014-) related to Deep Learning. Inside the Go Playground — on safely offering a REPL over the web to strangers. Wolfram Tweet-a-Program — clever marketing trick, and reminiscent of Perl
The promise of Promise Theory: The OReilly Radar Podcast
Editor’s note: you can subscribe to the O’Reilly Radar Podcast throughiTunes,SoundCloud, or directly throughour podcast’s RSS feed. As systems become increasingly distributed and complex, it’s more important than ever to find ways to accurately describe and analyze those systems, and
Announcing Spark Certification
Editor’s note: full disclosure — Ben is an advisor to Databricks. I am pleased to announce a joint program between O’Reilly and Databricks to certify Spark developers.O’Reilly has long been interested in certification, and with this inaugural program, we believe
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DailyDirt: Should Touch Typing Replace Cursive?
Kids today are bombarded with technology -- touchscreens, keyboards, Xbox controllers, and various gesture-based user interfaces are all competing against the lowly pencil and paper. Sure, finger painting and crayons are still all the rage with toddlers, but once kids
Shamed By Google's Email Security Transparency Report, Comcast Is Rushing To Better Encrypt Emails
Well, that was quick. Yesterday Google announced its new email security/encryption transparency report, which revealed that Comcast and Verizon were primary offenders, in not using TLS to encrypt emails, making them much more vulnerable to surveillance. And, in less than
Number Of Companies Using The Patent System Is 'Surprisingly Small'
One of the common mantras is that patents are indispensable, particularly for smaller companies, in order to prevent inventions being appropriated. If that is true, then presumably innovative companies are patenting like mad in order to protect their inventions. But
Entrepreneurs Explain How The End Of Net Neutrality Would Mean Their Startups Don't Exist
Most of the discussion on the fight around net neutrality has focused on the big broadband providers, and to a lesser extent, the big tech companies. Unfortunately, that leaves out who will almost certainly be most impacted by all of
Creepypasta Feels Compelled To State That Its Stories Are Fiction & It's Not A Satanic Cult; Th(...)
I wont say I told you so, but...you know what, screw it, I told you so. I told you the horror story out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, where two girls attacked a friend, nearly killing her, invoking the name of Slender
NSA Chief Defends Facial Recognition Database By Denying Claims That Weren't Made
James Clappers defense of leaked NSA programs have fallen into the strictly legal + oversight framework so often its become a cliche that can be ably wielded by lower level staffers. Occasionally, Clapper fires off something longer, like his defense
US Marshals Step In To Keep Florida Police Department's Stingray Documents Out Of The Hands Of (...)
The incredible wall of secrecy erected by law enforcement agencies around their use of stingray devices (cell tower spoofers) continues. Harris, the manufacturer of most of these devices, gets the secrecy ball rolling with non-disclosure agreements, which law enforcement agencies
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iconX-bit labs

Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Processors Review
The Devils Canyon processors unveiled this summer push the performance bar to a new level for the LGA1150 platform. Whats more, Intel says packaging optimizations make the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K a real treat for overclockers.
ASUS Z97-Deluxe Mainboard Review
This mainboard looks good, easy to tweak, provides excellent performance at nominal mode and with CPU overclock. And its simple good platform, because its a flagship mainboard designed and manufactured by large and well-known company.
AMD FirePro W9100 Professional Graphics Card Review
AMD is going to significantly increase its market share in the professional graphics segment. To do this, the company had updated its FirePro series lineup. In this review we take a look at the new flagship video card for CAD/CAM,
AMD Has No Plans to Reconsider Recommended Prices of Radeon R9 Graphics Cards
AMD Will Not Lower Recommended Prices of Radeon R9 Graphics Solutions
Crucial MX100 Review: An SSD for the Masses
Crucial has dropped the price per gigabyte of SSD storage below the $0.5 mark and it is not a sale of old products. Were talking about a promising new model with high performance, excellent features and good reliability. Whats the
Samsung Begins to Produce 2.13GHz 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules
Samsung Uses TSV DRAMs for 64GB DDR4 RDIMMs
AMD Quietly Reveals Third Iteration of GCN Architecture with Tonga GPU
AMD Unleashes Radeon R9 285 Graphics Cards, Tonga Graphics Processor
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