Machine Learning System Detects Emotions and Suicidal Behavior
An anonymous reader writes with word as reported by The Stack of a new machine learning technology under development at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology which can identify emotion in text messages and email, such as sarcasm, irony and even
How To Design Robot Overlords For "Robot Overlords"
Hallie Siegel writes: Ever wonder how they make robots look so awesomely real in movies? Visual effects expert Graham Edwards goes behind the scenes with the makers of Robot Overlords to take you through the development of the robots in
In Response to Open Letter, France Rejects Asylum For Julian Assange
Several outlets report that Julian Assange has requested, but been denied, political asylum in France, by means of an open letter published by Le Monde.From The Globe and Mails coverage, linked above: Less than an hour after his letter was
Japanese Court Orders Google To Delete Past Reports Of Man's Molestation Arrest
AmiMoJo writes: The Saitama District Court has ordered Google Inc. to delete past reports on a mans arrest over molestation from its online search results after ruling that they violate the mans personal rights. The man, who was arrested about
Turing Near Ready To Ship World's First Liquid Metal Android Smartphone
MojoKid writes: Liquid Metal is an alloy metal (technically, bulk metallic glass) that manages to combine the best features of a wide variety of materials into one product. Liquid Metal also has high corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, remarkable anti-wear
FBI Wants Pirate Bay Logs For Criminal Investigation Into Copyright Trolls
the simurgh writes: It has been revealed today that In the past few months, two of the Pirate Bay co-founders have been repeatedly questioned by Swedish authorities, acting on behalf of the FBI. The internet now has clear evidence that
Rumblefish Claims It Owns 'America the Beautiful' By United States Navy Band
ptorrone writes: Adafruit is now shipping the USA-made open-source Arduinos. In celebration Ladyada the engineer posted an Arduino rotating in front of an American flag with the public domain America the Beautiful by the United States Navy Band as background
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Disney Doc McStuffins 17" Stuffy Plush for $7 + free shipping
Disney Doc McStuffins 17 Stuffy Plush for $7
Hello Kitty CD+G Mini Portable Karaoke for $49 + free shipping, padding
Hello Kitty CD+G Mini Portable Karaoke for $49
Disney Store Twice Upon A Year Sale: Up to 60% off + free shipping
Disney Store Twice Upon A Year Sale: Up to 60% off
Conan looks at Marshawn Lynch in the new Call of Duty video game
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is trading footballs for machine guns in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 video game. A new Conan gave viewers a sneak peak of Lynch getting in the game.
Best mobile games of June 2015 (pictures)
Looking for a new game to play on your mobile device? Heres our pick of the best released in June 2015.
Street Fighter 5 won't make you buy another disc to get more characters
This is the only disc youre ever going to need to own to get all of the content in the game.
Star Wars Battlefront features the 'absolute core' of film series
We cant do everything, unfortunately.
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​Reddit goes dark for a day after moderators' revolt
Reddit fired a popular employee - and its volunteer staff of community administrators took down popular sub-reddit groups in protest. Now, management is trying to make peace with the rebel moderators.
BlackBerry ejected from the Australian Parliament
Like a Labor MP during Question Time under Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, the humble BlackBerry smartphone has been kicked out of the Australian Parliament.
Silverlight dumped in Microsoft plugin spring cleaning with Edge
Along with throwing out ActiveX, VBScript, and IE8 quirks mode, Microsoft has decided that Silverlight has no place in its upcoming Edge browser.
Philadelphia legalises Airbnb-type services
The US city of Philadelphia has legalised Airbnb and other short-term rental facilities, embracing the sharing economy by regulating services.
​RBA to revamp core banking platform
The Reserve Bank of Australia has issued a request for tender as it seeks a new core banking solution.
Sky slams 'excessive faults' on BT copper lines
British internet service provider Sky has called for a full separation of BTs wholesale and retail arms, accusing the incumbent of failing to adequately maintain the last mile of copper lines.
Chinese mainland misses out on Apple Music launch
The initial launch of Apple Music has skipped the Chinese mainland, but in future faces stiff competition from local music-streaming services Tencent and Baidu, which shoulder high-cost royalties in order to provide low-cost services to consumers.
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iconWired Technology

Reddit Is Revolting
The popular site is in turmoil with scores of subreddits effectively shut down to protest the firing of Victoria Taylor. The post Reddit Is Revolting appeared first on WIRED.
Absurd Creature of the Week: If This Wasp Stings You, ‘Just Lie Down and Start Screaming’
The tarantula hawk is actually a kind of solitary wasp, with a sting that causes a fiercely electric pain that could
Tech Time Warp of the Week: Before WIRED, There Was the Eccentric Mondo 2000
When WIRED launched in 1993, few people had seen anything like it. But it wasnt totally alone. The post Tech Time Warp of
Security News This Week: Your VPN Probably Isn’t Private
Every week, WIRED Security rounds up the vulnerabilities and privacy updates you may have missed. The post Security News This Week: Your VPN Probably Isn’t Private appeared first
How Startups Like Uber Get People to Work on July 4
On-demand workers supposedly have flexibility. So how the heck do startups make sure they have enough people working on July 4? The post How Startups Like
Forget Blockbusters. Watch These Movies Instead on July 4th
Summer is all about blockbusters. But now that you have a long holiday weekend ahead its time to support some great indie films. Here, we made you a
Call Them Hippies, But the Grateful Dead Were Tech Pioneers
Long stereotyped as hippies stuck in the Summer of Love, the Grateful Dead were for 50 years at the forefront of the digital revolution. The post Call
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iconTom's Hardware

Lending My Ears To Turtle Beach's Elite 800X Headset
Turtle Beachs latest wireless headset for Xbox One sells for $299.95 and sports four different audio modes containing four to six audio settings each one.
Asus Finally Officially Announces Strix GTX 980 Ti With Triple-Fan Cooler
After a pretty decent wait, Asus finally took the covers off its Strix GTX 980 Ti, and it doesnt disappoint, on paper.
SteelSeries' GameSense Software Shows Health, Ammo Info Through Keyboard Lighting
If you own a SteelSeries keyboard with custom lighting, the new GameSense software can be another way to display health and ammo through lit keys.
Nintendo Adds 'Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time,' Other New Titles To Its Consoles
Nintendo added some new content to its Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles, including one of the most popular games ever produced by Nintendo: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
WPC-Commissioned Study Finds Qi Wireless Charging More Efficient Than Rezence
The Wireless Power Consortium commissioned a study from Colorado State University to find out if its Qi wireless charging standard is indeed more efficient than the competing Rezence standard, and by how much.
Keyboardio's Wooden Model 01 Mechanical Ergonomic Keyboard Kickstarter Soaring
Mechanical keyboards are a big thing now, but nobody seems to make a good and easy-to-use ergonomic version. Keyboardio is here to change that, bringing more to the table than a quick ‘n easy attempt.
Yet Another Windows 10 Build (10162) Points To Rapidly Approaching Release
It has been so long, some of you probably never thought it would ever arrive, but after nearly two strenuous days of waiting, the latest Windows 10 build (10162) has arrived in the Fast ring.
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iconArs Technica

Why don’t we drive more electric vehicles?
A report from the National Academy of Sciences looks at barriers and adoption.
Hear how Steve Ballmer bailed out Xbox after Red Ring of Death
And learn how Microsoft stiffed AMD at the last minute on the original Xbox.
Samsung sued for loading devices with unremovable crapware (in China)
Unwanted apps cant be removed and eat into data plans, lawsuit alleges.
Pirate Bay founders: FBI has Prenda Law under investigation
Sunde: I was told that Prenda Law has been under investigation for over a year.
A most unpatriotic YouTube hijacking: America the Beautiful
An Arduino processor majestically rotates to the sounds of the US Navy Band.
FDA moving to regulate e-cigarettes, “vaping” liquid nicotine
Uptick in nicotine poisonings spurs regulators latest proposal.
BP engineer convicted of deleting Gulf spill text messages wins new trial
Texts showed BP deflating the amount of oil spewing into Gulf of Mexico.
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iconHard OCP

XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrossFire Video Card Review
Today we review two XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition video cards in CrossFire to see what quality 4K gaming we can achieve. We will be comparing this to a SLI GeForce GTX 970 configuration, in hopes of clearly defining
ard|OCP Week in Reviews
Today is Friday and you know what that means! It is time once again for the ard|OCP Week in Reviews! For anyone that might have missed them, we like to take a quick look back on the hardware evaluations and
Windows 10 Editions Compared
Microsoft has finally released charts today showing which features each version of the Windows 10 will have. Comments
ardware Round-Up II
CPU: AMD vs. Intel Price Comparison @ Hardware Secrets ETC.: CHERRY MX Board 6.0 @ TechgageLogitech G910 Orion Spark @ CowcotLandSteelSeries Apex M800 Keyboard @ pcGamewareStorage: Kingston HyperX Savage 240GB @ APHNetworksVideo: MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6GB @ techPowerUP!
XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation Review
The XFX R9 390X Double Dissipation video card is on the test bench at Vortez today. Today well be looking at XFXs take on the 390X to see what benefits they can bring to the table. The 390X Double Dissipation
How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop An AK-74 Bullet?
Its funny that the iPhone that actually stopped the bullet wasnt really an iPhone, it was a clone. They should have used a .50 cal. Comments
PlayStation Network Down Again
If you are a PS3/PS4 owner with plans to get a little gaming done over the holiday weekend, I have bad news for you. Then again, if you are a PS3/PS4 owner, you are used to this by now. Comments
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Windows 10 Editions Compared
Today Microsoft has finally created tables outlining what the different versions of the operating system are going to feature. It was back in May that they finally announced all of the versions of Windows 10 that
You Might Not Get Windows 10 On July 29, But You Get A New Build Today
Another day, and another build of Windows 10 has been released to the fast ring. With Windows 10’s official release date of July 29th coming up very quickly now, Microsoft has shifted gears to bug fixes
Motherboards with DDR3L and DDR4: Biostar
With Intel’s latest extreme platform, Haswell-E and X99, supporting DDR4, all fingers have been pointing towards the state of DDR4 support for the 100-series motherboards and Intel’s 6th generation of processors, Skylake. At Computex
The AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Review: Aiming For the Top
Having launched last week and being reviewed today is AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X, the company’s new flagship single-GPU video card. Featuring a fully enabled Fiji GPU, the R9 Fury X is AMD's new Fiji GPU at its finest, and
Windows 10 Build 10159 Released To Windows Insiders
Just yesterday, Microsoft released build 10158 to the Windows Insiders fast ring. I was going to write it up but I wanted to kick the tires on it first to give my thoughts to the changes.
Introducing the Build-A-Rig Project: Company Configured PC Contest, Readers Win PCs
A while back Newegg approached us with an interesting offer. They wanted to regularly give away complete PCs to our readers, and they wanted our help in doing so.While it’s easy enough to hold a giveaway
Meizu Announces The MX5
Today at Meizu's event in China the company presented their new flagship phone, the MX5. The MX5 is the successor to the MX4 released last year, and while I didn't manage to review that unit yet,
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Awesome Stuff: Supplying The R For VR
A few weeks ago, we featured the Gloveone and talked about the growing market for supplemental virtual reality devices. We also talked about the coming VR future on this weeks podcast episode. But theres another half of the VR world
How Section 1201 Of The Copyright Statute Threatens Innovation
It would take many, many blog posts to fully articulate all the ways that modern copyright law threatens innovation. But one notable way is through Section 1201 of the copyright statute. As discussed previously, Section 1201 is ostensibly supposed to
Let's Encrypt Releases Transparency Report -- All Zeroes Across The Board
Weve talked a bit about the important security certificate effort being put together by EFF, Mozilla and others, called Lets Encrypt, which will offer free HTTPS security certificates, making it much easier to encrypt the web. Theyve been busy working
DailyDirt: Bring Out Your Dead...
Disposing of dead bodies is usually not a funny topic for anyone -- except for maybe Monty Python. But until we figure out how to cheat death, were going to need to deal with corpses. Burying the dead six feet
German Court Says YouTube Isn't Liable For Infringement, But Wants A Notice-And-Staydown Process
YouTube and the music collection society GEMA have been at war for many years. Five years ago, I was at Berlin Music Week and it was one of the major points of discussion. YouTube was blocking all music videos, since
Leaked TPP Chapter Shows How It's A Massive Gift To Big Pharma And Against Public Health
Over the last few years, weve seen leaks here and there of the various chapters of the TPP agreement, but generally ones that are quite out of date. The latest public leak of the intellectual property chapter that Im aware
Nope, You Can't Patent A Generic Idea Like Crowdfunding
Back in 2011, we wrote about Kickstarter going to court to ask for a declaratory judgment that a patent held by ArtistShare (7,885,887) was invalid, and thus, that Kickstarter was not infringing. As we explained at the time, ArtistShare and
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