Study Finds You Can Grow Brain Cells Through Exercise
phantomfive writes: Researchers have discovered that aerobic exercise may increase neurogenesis. Based on the results, rats that were put on a treadmill grew more brain cells than rats that didnt. Resistance training seemed to have no effect. This is significant,
French Gov't Gives Facebook 3 Months To Stop Tracking Non-User Browsers
Reader iamthecheese writes RT reports that Frances National Commission of Information and Freedoms found Facebook tracking of non-user browsers to be illegal. Facebook has three months to stop doing it. The ruling points to violations of members and non-members privacy
Scientists Turn Paper Waste Into Aerogel
Kristine Lofgren writes: A team of scientists have successfully turned paper waste into aerogel. Aerogels are used in insulation, and they are usually made out of polymers and silica. But a research team at the National University of Singapore managed
SourceForge Eliminates DevShare Program
SourceForge has officially eliminated its DevShare program. The DevShare program delivered installer bundles as part of the download for participating projects. We want to restore our reputation as a trusted home for open source software, and this was a clear
Hearthstone Cheats and Tools Spiked With Malware
itwbennett writes: Cheating at the online card game Hearthstone (which is based on Blizzards World of Warcraft) can get you banned from the game, but now it also puts you at risk of financial losses and system ruin, writes CSOs
Uborne Children's Books Release For Free Computer Books From the '80s
martiniturbide writes: To promote some new computer coding books for kids, Uborne Childrens Books has put online 15 of its children books from the 80s to learn how to code games. The books are available for free in PDF format
The Sexual Misconduct Case That Has Rocked Anthropology
sciencehabit writes: An investigative report in Science describes allegations of sexual misconduct against noted paleoanthropologist Brian Richmond, as well as the fields response. The story highlights a major shift in how academic communities deal with sexual misconduct, going beyond delineating
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Quadcopters & Cameras at Rakuten from $499 + free shipping - CNET
Quadcopters & Cameras at Rakuten from $499
Atlas Reactor - Turn-based combat gameplay video - CNET
Each player decide their course of action within 30 seconds, and then watch the action unfold in real-time.
Halo 5 adding Grifball (and other new modes) this month - CNET
The fan-favorite mode is coming to Halo 5 this month; heres how its changed since you last played it.
Metal Gear Solid 5 free and paid expansion content detailed - CNET
Konami officially announces the Cloaked in Silence expansion; heres when its coming and whats included.
Amazon announces its own game engine with built-in Twitch support - CNET
The new Amazon Lumberyard is described as a full-featured engine for big and small games alike.
Fallout 4 patch lands on PS4 and Xbox One, see comparison video here - CNET
The latest patch for Bethesdas open-world RPG has arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; see a video and the full patch notes here.
Watch Far Cry Primal's 101 trailer to learn what it's all about - CNET
Plus, we talk with the Stone Age action games narrative director about the games richer and deeper crafting system, historical accuracy, and more.
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​WA to trial driverless shuttle bus
An electronic driverless shuttle bus developed by French company Navya SAS will be trialled on Perth roads this year.
Samsung and LG see talent pulled to China
South Korean tech giants Samsung and LG are losing some of their talented designers and engineers to Chinese companies, sources say.
'Unavoidable' Netflix Tax enters Parliament
Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison says overseas companies selling digital products to Australians will not be able to avoid paying the GST.
​Department of Finance to get AU$29m IT upgrade
The Department of Finance is working with ASG to deliver a refreshed electronic workplace environment, with a new desktop environment, mail services, laptops, and Surface Pros.
Samsung unveils transparent OLED 'video wall' concept
​The South Korean tech giant has shown off a video wall made out of transparent organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays at a European tradeshow.
​ANZ launches Mobile Pay to allow customers to tap and pay
ANZ has launched Mobile Pay to allow Android customers to tap and pay at checkout, and to make withdrawals at contactless-enabled ANZ ATMs.
Telco contracts 'unfair': NZ ComCom
Spark, Vodafone NZ, CallPlus, Orcon, Flip, Two Degrees, and MyRepublic were found to contain unfair standard contract terms, with all agreeing to amend their practices.
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iconWired Technology

The Supreme Court May Have Nuked the Paris Climate Deal
Today, the US Supreme Court turned the USs promise to fight climate change into a solid maybe. The post The Supreme Court May Have Nuked the Paris
New Hampshire Primary Liveblog: Trump Tries Not to Lose Again
Were on the ground in Manchester, New Hampshire, to follow the results of todays first-in-the-nation presidential primary. The post New Hampshire Primary Liveblog: Trump Tries Not to
Disney’s CEO Says Reports of ESPN’s Demise Are Ridiculous
Bob Iger took pains to defend Disney-owned ESPN during the companys quarterly earnings call. Its doing great, he says, despite lower profits. The post Disney’s CEO Says Reports
Cosmonaut Besties Prep for Space in a Delightful Oscar-Nominated Animated Short
Watch We Cant Live Without Comos here. The post Cosmonaut Besties Prep for Space in a Delightful Oscar-Nominated Animated Short appeared first on WIRED.
D’oh! Crash: The History of VR on The Simpsons
Turns out Americas favorite family has been getting their virtual on since 1993. The post D’oh! Crash: The History of VR on The Simpsons appeared first on WIRED.
Viacom Deal A Sign Snapchat Is Nearing Its Facebook Moment
Viacom’s new ad deal with the highly valued messaging service offers more proof that Snapchat is nearing the point where it tips into the mainstream The post
Star Wars Gives Disney Its Best Quarter in Company History
Oh, hey, thanks Rey! The post Star Wars Gives Disney Its Best Quarter in Company History appeared first on WIRED.
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iconTom's Hardware

Open Beta For 'The Division' Starts Feb 19
An open beta session for Tom Clancys The Division runs from February 19 through February 21. Xbox One players can start playing the game on February 18.
Oculus Announces More Rift Ready PCs And Bundles, Retail Partners
Oculus announced additional Oculus Ready PCs, along with more details about its bundle promotion, with pre-orders starting February 16.
Blizzard Starts Round 2 Of 'Overwatch' Closed Beta
The second round of closed beta testing for Overwatch is underway, and Blizzard introduced new maps, game modes and a progression system.
Latest SteamVR Beta Enables 'Direct Mode' For HTC Vive Pre
Valve’s Steam VR platform has been under constant development ever since it was first announced, and the company regularly pushes out updates with new bug fixes and features. The latest update introduces Direct Mode support for the
UK's Intelligence And Security Committee Heavily Criticizes Investigatory Powers Bill
The UKs Intelligence and Security Committee heavily criticized the Investigatory Powers Bill for being too inconsistent, too broad, and lacking universal privacy protections.
Basemark Becomes Newest Immersive Technology Alliance Member
Basemark announced that it has joined the likes of AMD, Crytek, Starbreeze, Futuremark and many other prominent company working in the VR/AR space. Basemark is now an official member for the Immersive Technology Alliance.
'Dying Light' Grows With 'The Following' Expansion, Enhanced Edition Update
Techland released a free Enhanced Edition upgrade for Dying Light, but if you want to see even more content, youll have to get The Following expansion pack. The DLC includes a larger map and the ability to
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iconArs Technica

House bill would kill state, local bills that aim to weaken smartphone crypto
Bi-partisan legislation likely to be thorn in law enforcements Going Dark side.
NASA budget proposal widens divide between White House and Congress
Budget battles likely over Earth science, and the Space Launch System
Relive your worst MS-DOS file-deletion memories at the Malware Museum
Classic, defanged files at archive.org wont actually wipe your hard drive.
Supreme Court halts Obama’s climate-change initiative
Carbon emissions regs shelved until legal wrangling is over—which could take years.
White center lines are being removed from roads in the UK—for safety
A trial began in August 2014 to see if lines made drivers unnecessarily confident.
Obama wants you join the CyberCorps Reserve to help feds get their act together
A full scholarship comes with multi-year commitment to battle entrenched bureaucracy.
A smart fan that decides whether you are worthy of being cooled
The Ethical Things project crowdsources ethical decisions, with disturbing results.
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iconHard OCP

Mad Catz Laying Off 37% Of Staff
I guess now we know why the CEO, chairman and general counsel of Mad Catz all jumped ship yesterday. It sounds like it might have been a quit before you are fired situation. At this time last year, Mad Catz
ardware Round-Up II
Cases: Aerocool DS Cube mATX @ FunkyKitETC.: CM Storm QuickFire XT @ APH NetworksOzone Neon Precision Laser Mouse @ NeoseekerMobo: Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 Ultra Durable @ HotHardwareStorage: ASUSTOR AS5002T 2-Bay NAS @ Missing RemoteCrucial BX200 960GB SSD @ HexusPNY CS1311 480GB
FPV Drone Racing In A Warehouse
First person view drone racing looks like a blast! Anyone got a warehouse like this we can use? Comments
PayPal Shoots Self In Foot 'White Knighting' For Netflix
I dont know if I would call this shooting itself in the foot. Lets be honest, how much money could PayPal possibly lose over this situation? Under the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or
MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC mITX Motherboard Review
The Z170I GAMING PRO AC motherboard is poised to be a tiny powerhouse for SFF builds or for those of you looking to focus on less is more. If you are looking to make the jump to an Small Form
ASUS STRIX R9 380 DirectCU II OC Video Card Review
Today we are taking a look at the high end of ASUS offerings featuring the Radeon R9 380 GPU in the form of the ASUS STRIX R9 380 DirectCU II OC 4GB. We will pit it against the MSI GeForce
Thermaltake DPS G 1050W Platinum Power Supply Review
While this computer PSUs marketing skips right to the green-speak, it is feature packed in terms of hardware and software, but as always we want to know what it does when it is under load and serving up the over
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Skylake Overclocking: Regular CPU BCLK Overclocking is Being Removed
If you follow PC technology news, you would have seen our news on how Supermicro had enabled overclocking for Skylake (Intel’s 6th Generation) processors on non Z170 motherboards. This was a two fold increase in
Micron Reports on GDDR5X Dev Progress - Volume Production This Summer
Engineers from Micron Development Center in Munich (also known as Graphics DRAM Design Center) are well known around the industry for their contribution to development of multiple graphics memory standards, including GDDR4 and GDDR5. The engineers
CEO of Imagination Technologies Steps Down
Sir Hossein Yassaie, chief executive officer of Imagination Technologies, has stepped down as of Monday, Feburary 8th. Mr. Yassaie served as Imagination’s CEO since 1998 and joined the company in 1992. The company expects to report
Sony Enters SSD Market with Phison S10-Based SLW-M Series
Sony-Asia this month introduced its first own-brand solid-state drives that it will sell in retail. The decision to start selling consumer SSDs is completely unexpected because Sony has been trying to focus solely on highly profitable
AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones Capsule Review
Headphones are not a category we usually cover at AnandTech, and even when we do, it is restricted to gaming headsets. In my CES visits over the last several years, I have been fortunate to have
Google Adds New Hands-Free Features to Android Wear
Google has announced this week that they have added several new functions to the Android Wear operating system in an update that is now being rolled out. The latest update takes an eye towards delivering some improvements
Who Controls the User Experience? AMD’s Carrizo Thoroughly Tested
In Q2 of 2015, AMD officially launched Carrizo, their new APU aimed at mobile devices such as laptops and portable all-in-ones that normally accommodate 15W-35W processors. Quoted in the media as 'the biggest change to Bulldozer since Bulldozer itself', the marketing
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NHL Streaming Service Descends Into Blackout Hell; NHL Threatens Anyone Trying To Circumvent Bl(...)
While we have written quite a bit about major professional sports leagues marching towards expanded streaming options for viewers, and while each league is making progress in that direction, not all of the leagues are equal in how theyre going
DailyDirt: Making A Road Trip Across The US...
The Cannonball Run plot of racing across the US has inspired some drivers to set illegal records -- though the concept was started in 1933 by Edwin Cannonball Baker who drove from NYC to LA in 53 hours (and popularized
Government Lawyers Think Open Records Reform Proposal Hands Over Too Much Power To The People
The state of Massachusetts has some of the worst open records laws in the nation, which have not been updated since the 1970s. The main problem is the statutes provide no deterrence for abusive behavior by government agencies and very
Australia's Arrogant, Irresponsible Trade Minister Rejects Calls For Cost-Benefit Analysis Of TPP
Mike has just written about the way the US public is being short-changed over the promised debate that would follow the completion of the TPP negotiations. That broken promise is just part of the general dishonesty surrounding the whole deal.
Techdirt Podcast Episode 60: Barry Eisler On Truth, Fiction And The Surveillance State (Part One)
Those of you whove heard our previous episodes with Barry Eisler know that he has a unique insight into many of the topics we discuss here at Techdirt, stemming from the wide variety of perspectives hes had in his past:
Judge Blocks Release Of Anti-Abortion Videos As The Arbiter Of Journalism
Abortion is one of those issues that infuriates me chiefly because it causes everyone to retreat to whichever camp they call home while throwing nuanced discussions out the window. In case Im not being clear: thats stupid. Around these parts,
Senator John McCain Weighs In On 'Going Dark' Debate -- Insists That He Understands Cryptograph(...)
Who knew that Senator John McCain understood encryption better than actual cryptographers? Late last week, he wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg View, in which he trots out all the usual talking points on how Silicon Valley just needs to nerd
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