A FreeBSD "Spork" With Touches of NeXT and OS X: NeXTBSD
There are a lot of open source operating systems out there; being open source, they lend themselves to forks, clones or near clones, and friendly offshoots. There are even services to let you customize, download, and (if you choose) bulk-install
Malaysia Blocking Websites Based On Political Content
An anonymous reader writes: A few days ago Slashdot carried a piece of news from Malaysia whereby websites based in Malaysia must be registered. Now comes the news that Malaysia is actively blocking websites which carry political opinion contrary to
Do We Need More Emojis?
mikejuk writes to note that the Unicode Consortium has accepted 38 new emoji characters as candidates for Unicode 9.0, including characters depicting bacon and a duck.Why could we possibly need a duck? Many of the new characters are the other
New Horizons' New Target: Kuiper Belt Ice Chunk 2014 MU69
Vox reports on the next target destination for NASAs New Horizons probe, an ice chunk in the Kuiper Belt designated 2014 MU69. The plan is not yet final; like any space mission, complications are bound to come up. But if
MIAOW Open Source GPU Debuts At Hot Chips
alexvoica writes: The first general-purpose graphics processor (GPGPU) now available as open-source RTL was unveiled at the Hot Chips event. Although the GPGPU is in an early and relatively crude stage, it is another piece of an emerging open-source hardware
Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions Unveils LawBreakers Game Trailer
MojoKid writes: Boss Key Productions has posted its first trailer of LawBreakers (formerly Project Bluestreak), a futuristic game title thats set to release on multiple platforms in 2016. The trailer shows off some of the characters and classes that youll
Abusing Symbolic Links Like It's 1999
An anonymous reader writes with this snippet from James Forshaws recent post at Googles Project Zero, which begins For the past couple of years Ive been researching Windows elevation of privilege attacks. This might be escaping sandboxing or gaining system
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LEGO Pirates Chess Set for $50 + $7 s&h
LEGO Pirates Chess Set for $50
The tomb raider returns in Lara Croft Go
A turn-based Tomb Raider game? Sounds crazy, but the Hitman Go formula totally works for this winning Lara Croft adventure.
Rocket League sells 1 Million on Steam
In all, the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times.
The Point - What if you never play your favorite game?
How come we rarely play games outside of our comfort zone? Do we really know what we enjoy that well? Danny examines the reasons why we may all be missing out on great games.
LawBreakers gameplay video showcases Gears of War creator's new FPS
Get a quick overview of the characters in the game and what they can do.
Bungie teases Destiny: Taken King's new raid, the game's biggest ever
Kings Fall is objectively and emphatically our biggest raid yet.
XCOM 2 delayed until 2016
Originally slated to launch in November, the PC game is now coming February 2016.
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Nokia strikes China joint venture for 'swift approval' of Alcatel-Lucent merger
Nokia hopes to win the approval of Chinas regulators with a new joint venture with Chinese investment firm Huaxin.
​Google to hit pause on Flash ads in Chrome on September 1
Times up for companies using Flash ads to reach 15 percent of the worlds desktop browsers.
'Google is in denial': Rivals throw down oral hearing challenge over antitrust case
The Microsoft backed lobby Icomp says Google should show up at an oral hearing if its so confident of its claims.denial
Inabox announces AU$1.4 million profit drop on back of Anittel purchase
The wholesale telco provider has announced a loss of AU$351,000 on revenues of AU$64 million, due to the acquisition of two rivals in 2014.
NSW transport taskforce pushes for regulatory framework changes
The Point to Point Transport Taskforce has called for changes to the current regulatory framework to reduce red tape and level the playing field for the taxi industry and other point to point transport services.
CSIRO swallows NICTA to form Data61
Australias two notoriously under-funded science and tech research organisations have announced that they will be creating a new entity under the auspices of the CSIRO.
​Woolworths' transformation project puts dent in FY15 earnings
Woolworths reported it spent part of AU$425.9 million on its total transformation project during the 2015 financial year, which resulted in total group net profit after tax dropping by 12.5 percent.
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iconWired Technology

Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 118
Wholl you choose to be in Anakin Skywalkers robes? The post Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 118 appeared first on WIRED.
Security News This Week: Oh Good, the Weaponized Police Drones Are Here
Each week we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth at WIRED, but which deserve your attention nonetheless. The
While You Were Offline: Everything You Know About Friends Is Wrong!
Your lifes a joke, youre broke, so why not catch up everything you missed on the Internet this week? The post While You Were Offline: Everything
Black Lives Matter Inspired This Chilling Fantasy Novel
N.K. Jemisins life experience differs greatly from that of most fantasy authors, and its reflected in her work, which is as exciting as it is non-traditional. The post Black
High-Tech Emergency Shelter Looks Straight Out of Star Wars
The Exo completely reimagines what an emergency shelter can be. Its idealistic, but long past due. The post High-Tech Emergency Shelter Looks Straight Out of Star Wars appeared
Space Photos of the Week: A Nebula Becomes a Butterfly
Space photos of the week, August 23–29. The post Space Photos of the Week: A Nebula Becomes a Butterfly appeared first on WIRED.
Has Amazon Cracked the Problem With In-App Payments?
In-app payments arent going away any time soon. But increasingly, alternatives are becoming available that might offer some relief. The post Has Amazon Cracked the Problem With In-App Payments?
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iconTom's Hardware

'ARK: Survival Evolved' DirectX 12 Patch Delayed
Late Friday, Studio Wildcard reluctantly announced a last minute delay of highly anticipated DirectX 12 patch that was to be released earlier in the day.
What To Expect At The Immersed Europe VR Conference
The Immersed Europe conference, which covers VR, AR, 3D tech and more, is happening in Murcia, Spain on September 3-4. Heres what to expect and where to get tickets.
Asus Shows Off Glorious TUF Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 Motherboard
Asus new TUF Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 motherboard is built to outlast your interest in it.
Confirmed: Motorola Clears Up Confusion About Moto X Play Camera PDAF, It Is Supported
Motorola has finally clarified that the Moto X Play (rumored to be coming to the U.S. as the Droid Maxx 2) does in fact have phase detect autofocus.
Razer Unveils Wildcat Xbox Controller, Updated Nabu Wearable At PAX Prime
Razer is taking a break from showing off PC peripherals at PAX Prime to shine some light on its console and wearable products.
'Time Machine VR' Title Launches In Early Access, Demo Shown At PAX
Montreal, Canada-based Minority Media Inc. launched Time Machine VR, one of the first VR exclusive titles in Early Access through Steam. The company is showing the game off to attendees at PAX Prime, and has the game
Chrome 45 To Automatically Block Auto-Playing Flash Ads
Google announced that starting with the next version of Chrome, which should launch on September 1, all auto-playing Flash ads will be blocked by default. Advertisers are recommended to convert their Flash ads to HTML5 by then.
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iconArs Technica

More drone headaches for LAPD as device interrupts helicopter search for suspect
Nabbed the amateur pilot in a Rite Aid parking lot; man faces further examination.
Jihadist US teen gets 11 years for blog, tweets about crypto and Bitcoin
The article explained what Bitcoins were, how the Bitcoin system worked.
Baltimore defense lawyers to review nearly 2,000 cases involving stingrays
USA Todays investigative team shines a light on Baltimore PD; city lawyers take note.
Op-Ed: Lexmark’s war against a man who recycles toner cartridges
Why it’s important that he fights back.
Google Chrome to block auto-playing Flash ads starting September 1
Video players will still work; non-essential content—like ads—will be blocked.
Experiment confirms that quantum mechanics scoffs at our local reality
The last loopholes for determinism squeezed out in latest work.
Uber hires researchers who hacked Chrysler Uconnect
Charlie Miller, Chris Valasek reportedly hired to help secure self-driving cars.
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iconHard OCP

Apple Hopes To Charge $40 For TV Subscription Service
That sounds like a fair price for 25 to 30 channels, right? The problem is that cable providers want to charge more. Reportedly, Apples ideal price was $30, but media companies keep pushing the price up. Lets hope that Apples
Don't Buy A 1TB PlayStation 4
It turns out that the recent hardware refresh for the PS4 doesnt apply to the 1TB models. The revision, CUH-1200, can offer over 30% in power savings and also runs cooler and quieter, which is something I would imagine that
In Case You Were Dumb Enough To Insert Your Note 5's S Pen The Wrong Way…
…there is now an instructional video on how to get it out without damaging the sensor. All you need is, well, paper. I dont think anyone with common sense is affected by pengate, but it is really weird how Samsungs
Dad Builds The Ultimate Portal Bedroom
Wait, what happens when this kid gets sick of Portal? Is an Outer Heaven bedroom next?Portal, and its successor Portal 2, took the brilliantly simple concept of a portal gun, combined it with a fantastic storyline that included a sadistic
Windows 10 Business Users May Get Patch Notes
I dont know about you, but I am starting to get tired of hearing about the fallacies of Microsofts update policies and what may or may not improve. They should just make updates optional and add patch notes for everyone
How To Spot A Potentially Violent Person In The Workplace
Well, I guess its nice to know that at least 70 or 80 percent of the people I have worked with in the past fit at least one of these profiles.Experts on workplace violence offer a psychological profile of the
The Highest-Paying Jobs At Google
Hold up. Are you telling me that I could make nearly $200,000 a year as a Communications Manager? If that job merely entails writing blog posts and yelling at interns for stupid social media posts, sign me up.…Google is willing
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Razer Launches New Wildcat Xbox One Controller And New Version Of The Nabu Smartband
Today at PAX Razer announced a refresh of the Nabu smartband which they first announced at CES in 2014. They also announced that they will be selling the Razer Wildcat controller for the Xbox One, which
AMD Quietly Releases Radeon R9 370X, China-Only For Now
Back in June when AMD launched the Radeon 300 series, AMD made the unusual move of only releasing refresh SKUs for around half of their products. While the 390 series saw the release of the vanilla
The Intel Skylake i7-6700K Overclocking Performance Mini-Test to 4.8 GHz
At the time of our Skylake review of both the i7-6700K and the i5-6600K, due to the infancy of the platform and other constraints, we were unable to probe the performance uptake of the processors as they were overclocked. Our
Valve and HTC Push Wide Release Of Vive VR Headset To 2016
Valve isn't a stranger to product delays or discrepancies between promised launches and when a product actually launches. This is often joking referred to as Valve Time, and it seems that Valve's hardware endeavors are no
Blossom Smart Watering Controller Review
Home automation has garnered renewed attention, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. Many vendors targeting this market look to deliver solutions for aspects appealing to a broader audience. Some examples include lighting, temperature control, security using IP cameras
Alienware Refreshes Lineup With Laptop Updates, And Liquid Cooled X51 Desktop
Today Alienware announced some refreshes to its lineup. On the laptop front, the Alienware 13, 15, and 17 notebooks have been updated, and the Alienware 18 notebook has made a comeback. The X51 Desktop is also
The Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Review
Modular computer cases are not a new concept but attempts to produce actual retail products are very rare. Cooler Master is making a very bold move towards that direction with the MasterCase 5, their first design featuring the "Freeform" modular
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This Week In Techdirt History: August 23rd - 29th
Five Years Ago There were a lot of branding battles breaking out this week in 2010. LucasFilm targeted a company called Jedi Mind with claims of trademark infringement, false designation of origin, trademark dilution, breach of contract and unfair competition;
Awesome Stuff: A Voice-Operated Household Assistant
Ever since Star Trek: The Next Generation, who among us hasnt thought it would be cool to have an omnipresent voice interface with a starship or, failing that, our own house? Sure, PADDs iPhones have Siri now, but its just
Popehat v. James Woods SLAPP-down Match; Coming Soon To A Court Near You
A month ago, we wrote about actor James Woods bizarrely suing a trollish Twitter user who had been mocking Woods on the site. The whole lawsuit seemed ridiculous. The specific tweet that sent Woods over the edge was this anonymous
Pokemon Company Shuts Down Pokemon PAX Party Because Fun Is A Tool Of Team Rocket
I guess at this point that most people already know that Pokemon Company guards its intellectual property with the same dedication that a dog guards its food bowl after its been filled with a rare-cooked bone-in ribeye (am I the
DailyDirt: Eating At Chipotle
Some people really like eating at Chipotle. Its supposed to be healthy (although it really depends on what you order). The ingredients are often (but not always) from sustainable sources, and customers enjoy their meals. A few really fanatical eaters
Universal Music Has No Sense Of Humor, Takes Down Hilarious Twitter Profile Pun Parody Of Nirva(...)
Earlier today Techdirt writer Tim Geigner pointed me to a YouTube video that used Twitter user names to create a punnish version of the 80s hit Tainted Love retitled Tweeted Love. Its pretty amusing: In checking out the YouTube account
American Teen Gets 11 Year Sentence For Pro-ISIS Tweets That Taught People How To Use Bitcoin
Earlier this summer, the DOJ proudly announced that a Virginia teenager, Ali Shukri Amin, had taken a plea deal for providing material support to ISIL (the terrorist organization that everyone outside of the US government calls ISIS). This is back
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